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Tennis Tips UK deliver daily advisory to subscribers of the Premium Investment Service. The trading team analyse and identify high value markets where the odds offer enough returns (when contrasted to win probability) to deliver long term profability. Finding these markets is the most important part of making an income through tennis trading however the place where bets are placed is also a crucial element to consider. There is a significant amount of variance between bookmakers in terms of the range of markets offered, odds and overall user experience.

That’s why Tennis Tips UK have launched the Bookmaker/Exchange Testing Portal. Our team have already performend extensive testing and research for leading services but require feedback from real sports investors like yourself. In exchange for your time trying a new bookmaker and then providing brief feedback about what you liked/disliked – Tennis Tips UK will credit free access to all of the trading team tips instead of a monthly subscription cost. The standard reward is 1 month free membership however longer periods can be negotiated if participants test over a lengthy period. Following the advisory provided by our team since the service started back in 2013 would have delivered over £45,000 profit (average per year based on £100 stakes) with a 38.5% Return on Investment (ROI).

Why Participate? Try a Bookmaker to receive…

  • Free Access to Tennis Tips UK Advisory
  • Entry into the Monthly Prize Draw
  • Help provide users with Accurate, Detailed Bookmaker Reviews

How to Get Started: Fill out the Simple Form

Tennis Tips UK will reply to your message with details of the bookmaker that we need testing. You’ll simply have to sign up and try using their sportsbook service. After a few days we’ll send a short survey about your experience. Once this is complete you’ll be credited with a ‘Full Access’ Tennis Tips UK membership free of charge.

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Tennis Tips UK Bookmaker Testing: Earn Free Membership