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About Us | Tennis Tips

The Story Behind Tennis Tips

Tennis Tips was founded in 2013 by a group of former colleagues from a large EU based bookmaker. The objective initially was to offer a service allowing serious sports bettors to adopt an investment approach and consequently generate an additional, reliable source of income. It’s a common misconception that all forms of ‘gambling’ lead to losses – this isn’t the case if sport specific expertise and bankroll management are combined. That’s what Tennis Tips UK offers with its club membership packages.- a reliable method of generating an income.

There are many individuals that have extensive knowledge of specific sports and spend countless hours researching matches and players each and every day. Bookmaker traders would struggle to compete with this level of expertise however for them there is a simple solution – limiting or even closing profitable accounts. This has happened for decades and is a crucial part of bookmaker operations (most have entire departments purely for this purpose)

As a direct result of this practice by bookmakers – most profitable punters head over to exchanges where there are no such restrictions on ‘successful accounts’. Tennis Tips offers a simple exchange. Our teams expert betting tips and investment strategy (including stake advice) for a modest monthly subscription fee that covers the prediction providers salaries.

Since our inception back in 2013 – over 84% of members are still with us today – which should go some way as to illustrating how successful our team are in terms of achieving a positive yield most months.

Why Choose Tennis Tips UK?

  • Long Term Focused with an Investment Approach to Bankroll Management. Not focused on individual winners but the overall attainment in terms of units profit and return on investment (ROI)
  • Application Process for New Tennis Tips UK Premium Members. Unlike other tipster services, our team are selective about the subscribers of our service. Members must agree to manage their bankroll responsibly – following the advice provided. The core principles of responsible gambling also apply. If a few losses are having a big impact on total bankroll then the amount being staked is too high. Tennis Tips UK measure results over months and years not days and weeks.
  • Limited Subscribers (Capped at 50). Tennis Tips UK are not purely focused on large member numbers. Our objective is to build a small group of long term orientated, responsible investors. Adopting this approach preserves the value of advisory provided as odd/line movements are limited significantly.

Tennis Tips UK Membership Packages:

Tennis Tips UK have simplified our once complex offering into a single premium subscription plan. This gives access to an average 2-3 bets per week published on a members only section of our site and also through an email notification. This section of our site is unlocked automatically once you subscribe so you’ll be able to access all premium selections for the duration of your membership. The advisory includes the specific bet advised, match, tournament and stake size recommended.


Subscription service for tennis bettors to receive advisory direct to their inbox. This specifies the match, which bet and the recommended stake. Following these recommended picks has yielded a return in excess of 10% as of early 2024.

Who picks the advised bets?

Tennis Tips UK have a team of analysts built over the past decade. Each has shown a proficiency in beating ATP, Challenger or Grand Slam markets consistently.

How much profit have the picks made overall?

Full tracking is available publicly via a third party verification platform. However there are multiple club members attaining four figure profit sums each month simply by following the advised bets using their bookmaker and exchange accounts.

How can I get access?

Club membership is currently open through a 7 Day Trial. This can be cancelled at any time. Subscribers can expect to receive 1-2 picks per week via email on average. These will be match winner bets priced at 2.00 or above covering ATP, Challenger or Grand Slam matches.