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Synopsis of overall results history for the BOTD delivered via email. Updated: 08/04/2024 – Download Spreadsheet (External link opens in new tab)

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Tennis Tips UK was founded way back in 2013 (11 years ago). It’s fair to say that, in that time, our team have learnt a thing or two about profiting from tennis betting markets. They have also discovered many key motivations for consumers who are looking to benefit from insight and tips.

The outcome? Tennis Tips UK have consolidated a team of experts who have illustrated sustained profitability from ATP, Challenger & Grand Slam matches. But initially this was messy. There were loads of bets advised at random times from a range of people. Each bet had merits but it was challenging to follow this advisory from the perspective of subscribers.

That’s why the ‘Bet of the Day’ (BOTD) service was launched. This provides a single advised bet per day that our experts have agreed offers the best value. In other words we ask them the question ‘if you put all your money on a single bet today what would it be?’

The result is a service that’s easy to follow for anyone with a few minutes per day and a bookmaker account. To keep things simple the advised stake is always fixed 1 unit (no complicated systems) and all odds are quoted from a single bookmaker that welcomes winners and avoids account restrictions.

Subscribers use a range of bookmakers and exchanges so its actually easy to not only match recorded results by actually exceed them. All advisory is delivered direct to your email inbox and there is a trial period available.

Fixed Stake Calculator

This section illustrates the return if every ‘Bet of the Day’ (BOTD) advised market had been backed by a subscriber at the quoted odds. What would their overall position be? We created this section so you can see what a bettor at your staking level could potentially achieve.

FACT: Most subscribers actually exceed the quoted results by using multiple bookmaker and exchange accounts to ‘shop around’ for the best odds. Consequently quoted profit figures are conservative as they are calculated based on having access to Pinnacle only.

Profit from £10 per unit

Profit (£)

Profit from £50 per unit

Profit (£)

Profit from £100 per unit

Profit (£)

Sharp Bookmaker Closing Line

’Good bets lose and bad bets win’. This may seem an unusual thesis but it’s very true of tennis betting. The key is not whether the bet outcome but whether the odds obtained reflected value. How do we determine this? Well the implied probability of that outcome derived from the odds needs to be lower than the true chance of it occurring.

For example getting odds of 2/1 (3.00) to correctly call a coin clip – heads or tails. This is a clear example of a +EV bet as the true chance is 50/50 which represented as odds is just EVENS (2.00)

The closing line (i.e odds when the match starts) at sharp bookmakers has been proven to have an almost exact correlation with true outcome probability. That means you can judge if a bet was good or bad even before the match is played by comparing the odds obtained when backed to the odds at bookmakers like Pinnacle at the start time of that match.

In simple terms; if the BOTD is for Player A to win @ 2.00 then the objective is to see the price at sharp bookmakers and exchanges to slowly shorten to a level significantly below this by the time the match is about to start. The margin of difference between the obtained odds and the starting price is a method of quantifying the amount of value. This metric is measured on the BOTD tracking platform and is referred to as ‘Avg diff CO%’ – current figure is 5.40 as of publication.

Results History – FAQ

Bankroll management and long term thinking

Most members stake 1% of their total bankroll per unit. This allows the amount wagered to scale by an appropriate amount over time as their total funds grow. Subscribers need an investment approach. Bets will lose and its vital the damage this does to your bankroll is mitigated. This is achieved by staking a responsible, structured amount per market.

I have more questions related to tennis betting?

Please visit our extensive FAQ database with comprehensive answers based on over a decade of experience profiting from ATP and Challenger markets.

What are the claimed profit figures on this page calculated from?

They were worked out from staking the stated stake on every single selection advised at the price & odds quoted over the period of service inception to present. Remember to deduct the subscription cost to fairly reflect the profit/loss position that a subscriber would be in after following all advisory over that period.

Have Tennis Tips UK historically profited from their advised bets?

The site was founded back in 2013 and has delivered profit each year since. There have been many changes over the years but we have finally arrived at a single subscription service for our best value bets. We offer a subscription service which tracks all it’s results publicly.

to show upward trend chart of tennis tips uk BOTD service

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