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Full Time Income – £58050 (GBP) Profit*

Researched, Profitable Tennis Betting Tips

Over 37.80% Return on Investment (ROI)

 *Profit figure based on stake of £100 per unit.

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Tennis Trading Guide E-Book: How to Profit from Total Games & Key Points

The Tennis Trading Guide includes….

– Which Markets to Trade?
– Entry / Exit Points
– Gaining an Edge
– Trader Discipline
– Player Research & Analysis
– Recommended Tools & Resources
– Tennis Trading Strategies
– Specific advised trades each day 

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Lifetime Membership: Tennis Tips UK now offer a simple subscription option where full access to all tips can be gained with a single payment. Purchase Lifetime Membership with full access privileges to all advisory (ATP, WTA & Challenger matches). This subscription will give the member the option to view every single selection advised by our trading team including those previously only available to Syndicate subscribers. The overall Return on Investment for Tennis Tips UK services is 47.80%. It is a lifetime membership – a single payment gives access to all advisory for life with no recurring payments. Delivered via email and also available in the members area (username and password created during account registration). View Verified Results History

Tennis Tips UK Membership Packages:

The primary objective of Tennis Tips UK is to offer profitable trading advisory which members can use to make an additional income through the use of a bookmaker or sports betting exchange account. Tennis Tips UK offer a portfolio of services suitable for all types of sports investors. Focusing on the concept of keeping liability (stake size) low and odds high. Our tennis tips can be applied across the entire range of tennis betting sites, you just need to choose a bookmaker to place a bet with and decide which one of our tips to use.

About Tennis Tips UK & Our Approach: All advisory is selected based on extensive player research, performance data and probability linked to +EV (Expected Value). Factors such as conditions at a specific event like court speed and temperature can have a significant impact on the result. Even altitude in some cases as it changes the way in which the ball travels. In professional tennis the margins are often very fine meaning these areas are worth analysis. The end product of our trading teams research is a percentage probability for each market (i.e Player A to win the match). This is compared to the market odds at exchanges and bookmakers to identify value. In other words the odds available must fail to accurately reflect the probability of that outcome and offer an edge in the investors favor.

Expert Daily Tennis Betting Tips from Tennis Tips UK traders. Detailed reasoning, analysis and staking strategy for all advisory. Earn a full time income from tennis betting and market trading – only bookmaker and exchange account required to profit. Specializing in ATP Tennis Betting Tips. Read an external review of Tennis Tips UK.

* The profit figure quoted above is based on £100 stake per selection for the period 2013-present. This covers all Tennis Tips UK services.

How to Subscribe:

  1. Select the Membership Type
  2. Complete the Registration Form
  3. Tennis Tips UK  advisory will be delivered to your mailbox

Please note all advisory is also available in the member login section. Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at any time.

  • Lifetime Membership
    £1850 /lifetime
    45-50 tips per month  

Tennis Tips UK Premium Investment Membership provides full access to all Tennis Tips UK advisory. There is a Full Access Membership available (cancel anytime) or Click Here to Start with Free Tips. The service has delivered over £45,000 profit for members with over 40% Return on Investment (ROI). Advisory provided in the members login area with email notifications. Typically uploaded at least 12 hours before the scheduled match start time. Minimum starting bankroll of £/$1000 recommended by Tennis Tips UK traders although the service works with all investment levels. The important factor is to scale the amount bet per unit with the total bankroll. Results are recorded at £100 per unit which is what the trading team stake. This requires a considerable bankroll however. Once signed up, contact our traders for advice as to how much to bet per unit. Clear unit stake advice for all advisory will be provided to subscribers.

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Full Tennis Tips UK Results for all services in the portfolio are available at This tracks and verifies all tips sent to subscribers of the Free, VIP Club & Premium Investment services. It shows all individual trades with the P/L for each and key summary statistics including Return on Investment (ROI) and Strike Rate. Tennis Tips UK traders place bets on all advisory sent to members. Betslips are available to view on the Official Tennis Tips UK Twitter Page and also via Facebook and Google+

Tennis Tips UK Statistical Modeling / Quantitative Analysis: 

Tennis Tips UK use a variety of methods to find high value tennis betting markets to trade for members. The key part of this analysis is the use of statistical modeling. This uses a large volume of data regarding player performance and attainment to generate a probability of winning and level of odds that present value. Our model has been developed and refined over many years and now allows our team to analyze all key elements of a match such as the first set, second set, tie break outcome and additional key variables that will have a significant impact in terms of the outcome. See below for examples of our analysis in action. To benefit from this quantitative data simply – Apply for Membership. Please note although this part of the Tennis Tips UK analysis is significant, our team consider many other factors combined with their trading experience and expertise when sending our picks to subscribers. It’s important not to follow data blindly as other elements need to be considered.

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Tennis Tips UK Member Benefits

In addition to gaining access to expert trading advisory each day – Tennis Tips UK subscribers gain additional perks including entry into monthly sweepstakes and the ability to access free live streaming of all matches featured in tip(s) provided by the Tennis Tips UK trading team. Tennis Tips UK has a member retention rate of 95% due to the service quality.

WELCOME TO TENNIS TIPS UK – Exclusive Investment Club + Daily Advisory

TENNIS TIPS UK OPERATES AN EXCLUSIVE INVESTMENT CLUB. Daily advisory is delivered to subscribers via email and a members only area. Simply by using a bookmaker or sports betting exchange – members can make a full time income from the yield of this advisory.

Tennis Tips UK was founded in 2013 by a group of former bookmaker traders (i.e the individuals responsible for setting odds of large sporting events). The tips provided have been profitable every year with a typical annual yield of 30-36%.

Membership of the Tennis Tips UK VIP Club is limited to 50 members. This keeps the advisory exclusive and allows our subscribers to gain the maximum value from the service. All Tennis Results are verified and tracked. Detailed analysis, reasoning and bankroll management strategy are all included in the membership fee.

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After extensive reviews Tennis Tips UK highly recommend the Robert Fraser Tennis Service. It has achieved a Return on Investment in excess of 33%.

Tennis Tips UK Subscription Packages:

Our team have devised multiple membership choices with the objective of offering a service suitable for all types of sports investors.

Expert Tennis Betting Tips from Tennis Tips UK. Detailed reasoning and bankroll management. Earn a full time income from tennis betting and market trading.

Total Profit (Across all Services): £41,175.30

Return on Investment (ROI): 39.78%

  • VIP Club

Tennis Tips UK’s most popular offering. The club is capped at a total of 50 members to preserve exclusivity and advisory value. Please note for this reason there may be a waiting list for new applications. VIP Club members receive on average 5-7 tips per week covering ATP, WTA & Challenger events. This service was founded back in 2013 and has been profitable each year since. Moderate to large total bankroll required. Membership includes access to the VIP Club login area where detailed reasoning, analysis and match previews can be located. In addition to stake/bet size recommendations for each advised selection.

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  • Premium Investment

Tennis Tips UK is operated by a team of former traders who worked at leading European based bookmaker. The primary income for our staff is the revenue made from trading tennis markets through sports betting exchanges and via bet brokers. Premium Investment membership gets subscribers direct access to our team. They will receive all Standard and VIP tips but also additional selections available exclusively to them. These include all trades that our team place each day when value is found in markets. Large bankroll required – our team typically stake £1000 per unit. Premium Investment Subscribers can contact our team and get betting/trading advice for any ATP, WTA or Challenger match.

Tracking/Verification/Records: Tennis Tips UK track all advisory in the publicly available spreadsheet however our team appreciate the fact that new members frequently wish to verify that the profit achieved is genuine. For that reason all tips are now verified across numerous platforms including Tipstrr, BettingRunner and (although these external sites may offer subscription packages to access tips the only method to receive all advisory significantly before the match start time is by purchasing a Tennis Tips UK membership directly through this site.




The Tennis Tips team has been profitable each year since 2013. Typically a 30-36% Return on Investment (ROI) is targeted annually.


Tennis Tips UK Club membership is capped at just 50 individuals. This is to preserve the value of advisory and retain an exclusivity for subscribers.

£41,175 PROFIT

Following Tennis Tips advisory has yielded a significant profit this year. Figures quoted assume a stake of £100 per unit (on each advised wager)


Tennis is an individual sport, lending itself to statistical analysis (with less ‘variance’ than team sports) and isolation of variables that drive the final outcome. The Tennis Tips UK team is ran by former traders who specialize in the one sport they can achieve the best yield in.


Since 2013 the Tennis Tips club has been profitable each year. All subscribers can expect a positive yield during their time as a member.


All advisory is provided at least 24 hours before the match start time. The odds are quoted from major European bookmaker and/or sports betting exchanges.



Tennis Tips UK offer three main membership plans. ‘Standard Membership’ provides access to approximately 2-3 picks per week. ‘VIP Club Membership’ is a limited group who gain access to all betting advisory and a member login area. Premium Investment members get direct contact with our team. The founder of Tennis Tips UK also operates a UK Horse Racing Syndicate providing daily tips.

  • VIP Club Subscription
  • Premium Investment

Apply for Tennis Tips UK Full Access Membership (cancel anytime, no contracts)

Tennis Tips UK offer the VIP Club as a package suitable for the everyday sports bettor looking to change their focus towards long term investment with a sustained, consistent yield each month. The Premium Investment Club (invitation only) is for members with a large bankroll looking to only back occasional selections (average 2-3 per week). Advisory sent will offer a significant edge and have the backing of thorough analysis.

Expert Tennis Betting Tips from Tennis Tips UK traders. Detailed reasoning, analysis and staking strategy. Earn a full time income from tennis betting and market trading with a subscription. Tennis Betting Income | ATP, WTA & Challenger Trading Tips


The primary objective of the Tennis Tips club is to deliver an additional income for members through daily betting advisory and investment recommendations.

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#1 Bookmaker and Sports Betting Exchange Accounts

Where bets are placed is a vital factor in terms of how it can impact long term profits. Bookmakers frequently limit and in extreme cases even completely close profitable accounts. Research shows switching from popular bookmakers to lesser known exchanges or small bookmakers with different business goals can increase profits of regular bettors by over 20%.

Which Bookmakers/Exchanges do Tennis Tips UK Recommend?

#2 Bankroll Management

It’s easily one of the most important parts of achieving long term and sustained profits. Stay disciplined and follow the advised stake system.

#3 Expectations and Responsible Gambling

The amount risked should always be limited. The principles of responsible gambling still apply even when following a credible tipster service.

Read Full Article: How to Make a Full Time Income from Tennis Betting 


Maximum of 50 Subscribers Permitted in the Tennis Tips Club


  • “Since I started the review, TennisTipsUK have made a +42.75 point profit. ROI = 83.9%. A very good tipster who is well worth following. The tips proved to be solid this week and they seem to be very consistent long term tipsters, so I’m sure these profits remain relatively consistent throughout the month”

    Chris CasualGambler Review
  • Tennis Tips UK achieved a 36.50% return on investment during our review period. Our members frequently provide positive feedback on the service.

    Andrew Tipster Reviews