Tennis Tips UK launched their private mailing list service in late 2023. The objective was to provide a single offering that gives access to the best bets from the community they have built since their inception over a decade ago. Essentially out of all the tipsters and individuals we are vetted over the years – those who have delivered consistent profitability from ATP and Challenger markets were offered a revenue exchange. They contribute their bets via this private mailing list and in return the most profitable contributors receive the biggest share of subscription revenue. Tennis bettors can then subscribe to gain access to these bets that they shadow to profit via a bookmaker and/or exchange.

What results has this service achieved?

All bets advised to private mailing list subscribers are tracked externally via a public spreadsheet. To clarify they are added once the outcome is finalised so only subscribers get access ahead of time. This platform documents all vital bet details such as the odds advised, historical yield, return on investment and hit/strike rate. As of February the ROI is 178% but check the link for the latest.

What tools or accounts do I need?

All odds are quoted from Pinnacle as this is a winner friendly bookmaker. However markets advised are available at almost all bookmakers and exchanges. We are talking about the standard match winner markets in most cases. As long as your sites cover ATP, Grand Slam and Challenger events you are good to go. It’s actually possible to exceed the quoted results if you have a few different accounts and can ‘shop around’ for the best odds.

How many subscribers are there currently?

We restrict membership to a maximum of 50 subscribers. As of February 2024 there are 42 active subscribers. This is to preserve value and make sure there is sufficient liquidity for everyone. Please be aware in most cases you will need to place bets relatively quickly to get the quoted price. Bets are typically advised 24 hours before the scheduled start time on average. The email you receive will state clearly the match, specific bet and stake size. Please note for the later we always advise flat 1 unit staking. Most members choose to place 1% of total bankroll per bet so it scales with their personal risk tolerance.

Is there a trial available for new members?

If you are serious about wanting to join and capable of following advisory with a long term responsible approach (i.e bankroll management) then please accept our week long trial. Please note the purpose of this trial is for members to make sure it’s practical to receive and follow the email advisory given their schedule and not to focus on results for that period.

What is the cost of membership?

The seven day trial is available for £9.99 however this is strictly for completely new subscribers who have never tried the service before. This will automatically switch to the standard monthly membership which is £149.99 per month. Members are responsible for managing their subscription and can easily cancel or pause membership via PayPal at any time. Please note you can pay via a credit/debit card just select that option at the start of checkout.

Short term focused?

Please disregard this service and keep your betting responsible and recreational. The only way to profit consistently is to back +EV bets over a large sample size. If you get angry after losses or find it hard to stay disciplined long term sports betting should be kept as a fun hobby with money you can afford to lose. We do not want to contribute to harm of your financial situation so it’s better to recognise this upfront based on our experience.

What happens after I join?

Within 24 hours you’ll receive a personal welcome email. Please remember to check your junk/spam for this. If you haven’t heard anything thing after this time please send us a DM. Remember this is an entirely digital service so you’ll receive all advisory direct to your email inbox. Adding our email address to your safe sender list can be useful.

Rejecting / Terminating Members

If our team suspects that a member is distributing the advisory externally or exploiting the trial period then they may be removed. In this case the subscription will be cancelled. This is to protect the value offered to genuine paid subscribers.

What do I receive as a paid subscriber?

There will be 2-3 bets per week on average delivered directly to your email inbox. See an example in the image below. This will be to your PayPal email by default although this can be changed. It will clearly state the match, selection and stake size. Note the final section let’s members know the minimum odds at which the selection presents value. To show an example of what subscribers would receive via email

What if I have further questions about the Private Mailing List?

Please reach out to our team via this contact form. We respond within a few hours in most cases.

What is the Avg diff CO% on your results page?

This measures the difference between odds advised to subscribers and the closing price at the sharpest bookmaker. Beating this consistently indicates the bets offer value. The percentage figure aims to quantify this by recording the percentage that the start price is beaten by on average.


2-3 bets per week – Redeem 7 Day Trial