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£100 staked per match has generated £1200 profit overall

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Free Pick P/L Report for Friday

C Ruud (Odds: 2.10) #FrenchOpen

-$1000 and failed to beat closing odds

Email Subscription URL: https://tennis-tips.co.uk/tag/tennis-betting-tips/

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Free Pick for French Open SF

C Ruud vs A Zverev
C Ruud (Match Winner)
2.10 @ Betfair Exchange
Friday 7th June 2024

In an average week; Tennis Tips UK advise two bets. One of these selections made available to everyone free of charge and the other for club subscribers only.

Club P/L Report: Wed 06 June

C Ruud (Odds: 2.32) #FrenchOpen

Void as Djokovic withdrew before match

Full results: https://betdiary.io/tipster/dashboard/10027/tennistipsuk/ (+14.6% yield)

Email Subscription URL: https://tennis-tips.co.uk/join/

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Club P/L Report: Mon 03 June

F Cerundolo (Odds: 8.80) #FrenchOpen

-$1000 but beat sharp closing line

Full results: https://betdiary.io/tipster/dashboard/10027/tennistipsuk/ (+14.6% yield)

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Club P/L Report: Sat 01 June

L Musetti (Odds: 7.00) #FrenchOpen

-$1000 but beat sharp closing line

Full results: http://tennis-tips.co.uk

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Club P/L Report: Fri 31 May

M Arnaldi (Odds: 5.20) #FrenchOpen

+ $4990 but failed to beat closing line

Full results: http://tennis-tips.co.uk

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Kotov vs Sinner Prediction: Argument for backing both players ahead of their third round French Open encounter on Friday.

Club P/L Report: Sunday 26 May

S Mochizuki (Odds: 15.09) #FrenchOpen

-1.00 unit and failed to beat closing line

Full results: http://tennis-tips.co.uk

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Club P/L Report: Friday 24 May

M Kukushkin (Odds: 2.05) #FrenchOpen

+1.05 units but failed to beat closing line

Full results: http://betdiary.io/tipster/bets/1…

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Club P/L Report: Wednesday 22 May

T Griekspoor (Odds: 2.01) #ATPGeneva

+1.01 units and beat sharp closing line

Full results: https://betdiary.io/tipster/bets/10027/tennistipsuk/

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The average club member achieves a monthly profit of £2580 from their tennis betting across bookmakers and exchange accounts. The insight sent through the club was registered as the main source of research for their profitable bets and in most cases was directly followed. Many cited bookmaker limits as the only drawback (addressed in FAQ below)

Members receive 1-2 picks per week backing high odds match winner markets. If there is a place available in the club then a ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button will be displayed below. If this is not visible please complete the short form to be added to the waiting list. You’ll then receive a personal sign up link via email.

Tennis Tips UK Private Club member survey distributed April 2024

    Tennis Tips UK launched their private mailing list club in late 2023. The objective was to provide a single offering that gives access to the best bets from the community they have built since their inception over a decade ago. Essentially out of all the tipsters and individuals we are vetted over the years – those who have delivered consistent profitability from ATP and Challenger markets were offered a revenue exchange. They contribute their bets via this private mailing list and in return the most profitable contributors receive the biggest share of subscription revenue. Tennis bettors can then subscribe to gain access to these bets that they shadow to profit via a bookmaker and/or exchange.

    In a nutshell whenever there are ATP, Challenger or Grand Slam matches scheduled we ask each analyst for their selection. Picks that gathers significant support are distributed to subscribers. This results in an average of 1-2 bets advised per week on average with a focus of quality of quantity. Most members choose to follow this advisory directly by placing bets on the exact market using their bookmaker or exchange accounts. Others use the insight as inspiration for their tennis betting activity for example by exploring related handicap markets.

    What do I receive as a paid club subscriber?

    Subscribers receive 1-2 picks per week direct to their email inbox. This covers ATP, Challenger or Grand Slam events scheduled. See an example in the image below. This will be to your PayPal email by default although this can be changed. It will clearly state the match, selection and stake size. Note the final section lets members know the minimum odds at which the selection presents value. Picks are distributed around 6 hours before the scheduled match start time.

    The club focuses on selections with high odds (within the context of tennis betting) as that’s where the biggest margin of value is often present. This does mean short term results are volatile. Manage bankroll responsibly with small stakes per match to mitigate damage from downswings. Given the large prices backed members should expect frequent consecutive losses. Please consider if this mentality is compatible with your betting ethos before joining.

    To show an example of what subscribers would receive via email

    What results has this service achieved?

    All bets advised to private mailing list subscribers are tracked externally via a public spreadsheet. To clarify they are added once the outcome is finalised so only subscribers get access ahead of time. This platform documents all vital bet details such as the odds advised, historical yield, return on investment and hit/strike rate.

    What tools or accounts do I need?

    All odds are quoted from Betfair Exchange where possible. This is the world’s largest exchange with the highest liquidity and winners will not be limited (unlike most bookmakers). Recorded profits on the spreadsheet have a five percent deduction for commission. In reality most club members have a discounted rate and so exceed stated results.

    In cases where the advised market has low liquidity on the aforementioned exchange; Pinnacle is used instead. In terms of the market types advised typically it’s standard match winner (moneyline). As long as your betting accounts cover ATP, Grand Slam and Challenger events you are good to go. It’s actually possible to exceed the quoted results if you have a few different accounts and can ‘shop around’ for the best odds.

    How many subscribers are there currently?

    We restrict membership to a maximum of 10 subscribers. This is to preserve value and make sure there is sufficient liquidity for everyone. Unfortunately the club is currently full however you are welcome to request a place on the waiting list by contacting our team.

    Bets are typically advised around 12 hours before the scheduled start time on average. Our team used to distribute earlier than this but a change was made in March 2024 due to member requests.

    Why? Sharp bookmakers only increase their limits once it’s relatively close to the event commencement so by sending out picks slightly later there is better market liquidity available at the quoted odds. This logic also applies to exchange markets.

    The email you receive will state clearly the match, specific bet and stake size. Please note for the later we always advise flat 1 unit staking. Most members choose to place 1% of total bankroll per bet so it scales with their personal risk tolerance.

    Is there a trial available for new members?

    Unfortunately there are no trial offers available for the club. This is due to the fact the club is already over subscribed and the waiting list growing. Rest assured if you do become a member it’s easy to cancel at any time should you wish (there will be someone grateful for the place)

    Short term focused?

    Please disregard this service and keep your betting responsible and recreational. The only way to profit consistently is to back +EV bets over a large sample size. If you get angry after losses or find it hard to stay disciplined long term sports betting should be kept as a fun hobby with money you can afford to lose. We do not want to contribute to harm of your financial situation so it’s better to recognise this upfront based on our experience.

    The graphic below is a great illustration of the chances of losing overall when backing value markets. Over the short term variance means there is a decent chance of loss even with good value markets but when backed methodically over time this becomes near zero.

    To show Probability of overall loss from tennis betting graphic decreases over time

    What happens after I join?

    Within 24 hours you’ll receive a personal welcome email. Please remember to check your junk/spam for this. If you haven’t heard anything thing after this time please send us a DM. Remember this is an entirely digital service so you’ll receive all advisory direct to your email inbox. Adding our email address to your safe sender list can be useful.

    You can then expect to receive 1-2 bets per week going forward that are exclusively made available to a maximum of ten club members. This is to preserve value and market liquidity.

    Rejecting / Terminating Members

    If our team suspects that a member is distributing the advisory externally then they may be removed. In this case the subscription will be cancelled. This is to protect the value offered to genuine paid subscribers.

    What is the Avg diff CO% on your results page?

    This measures the difference between odds advised to subscribers and the closing price at the sharpest bookmaker. Beating this consistently indicates the bets offer value. The percentage figure aims to quantify this by recording the percentage that the start price is beaten by on average.

    What is the ‘investment approach’ and why is bankroll management essential?

    Sports betting is often associated with short term thinking and all or nothing risk taking. To make it into the minority who actually profit from said markets it requires a different attitude. That is to think long term and only risk a small amount per selection – relative to total bankroll. We suggest subscribers use 1% of their total balance per bet advised. We only ever use flat 1 unit staking so 1 unit = 1%. That means each member will be betting a different amount per market and that’s the way it should be. This way your bankroll and amount staked per market will gradually increase following periods of profit and conversely mitigate losses from losing streaks. It also allows subscribers to focus on a ‘zoomed out’ view of long term attainment and be less emotionally impacted by individual results.

    What if I have further questions about the Private Tennis Betting Club?

    Please reach out to our team via this contact form. We respond within a few hours in most cases although complex enquiries could take slightly longer.

    What is the cost of club membership and how does the waiting list work?

    The team work on a first come first served basis so if a places becomes available the next in line will receive a sign up link requiring payment. This is valid for 24 hours and then will move to the next person in line until someone signs up successfully. The membership charge is £49.99 per month and can be paid via credit/debit card (Stripe) or PayPal. There are no contracts or commitments.

    If there is a place available for immediate occupation there will be a ‘subscribe’ button at the top of this page and the ‘apply for membership’ button will take you straight to the checkout as opposed to the waiting list form. This is automatically disabled when the club is filled to capacity.

    Tennis Tips UK frequently gather feedback on tipster services from our thousands of subscribers. To be honest most of it focuses on the ever growing list of services to avoid but occasionally there are some that stand out for the right reasons like these tipsters.

    What is the TENNIS TIPS UK CLUB?

    Subscription service for tennis bettors to receive advisory direct to their inbox. This specifies the match, which bet and the recommended stake. Following these recommended picks has yielded a return in excess of 10% as of early 2024.

    Who picks the advised bets?

    Tennis Tips UK have a team of analysts built over the past decade. Each has shown a proficiency in beating ATP, Challenger or Grand Slam markets consistently.

    How much profit have the picks made overall?

    Full tracking is available publicly via a third party verification platform. However there are multiple club members attaining four figure profit sums each month simply by following the advised bets using their bookmaker and exchange accounts.

    How can I get access?

    Club membership is currently open through a 7 Day Trial. This can be cancelled at any time. Subscribers can expect to receive 1-2 picks per week via email on average. These will be match winner bets priced at 2.00 or above covering ATP, Challenger or Grand Slam matches.

    Are there any free tips for tennis and other sports?

    Tennis Tips UK publish a free selection every week. The remainder are reserved for club members only. There is an option to subscribe so that this free insight gets delivery straight to your inbox (just open any individual pick and enter your email in the provided form)

    If you like to place frequent bets then you can benefit from free daily tips via email, website and app over on the BettingGods.com tipster site. They cover sports including football/soccer and horse racing. Remember to have a look at the long term history first.