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Is tennis betting profitable?

The simple answer is yes but that does not mean it’s going to easy. With the range of betting opportunities available at most bookmakers it can feel simultaneously overwhelming and encouraging for those looking to unlock an additional income stream from tennis betting. The ‘secret sauce’ is the ability to identify +EV markets either yourself or through a service. Read our full detailed answer to this question.

What do members of the Tennis Tips UK Private Mailing List service receive?

Subscribers will receive access to the ‘Bet of the Day’ (BOTD). These are accessible via a dedicated page and through an email notification. These tips are selected by a consolidated group we have built over the years of analysts, tipsters and individuals who have proven long term profitability. The revenue generated from this service is shared with these providers based on the respective profit they contributed over that month.

How to Join? (Purchase a Subscription)

Simply select the first premium selection you would like to access. This will be locked by default with a subscribe button presented. Activating this will give access to that selection and all others for the duration of your membership. Subscribe directly to the Private Mailing list to get all selections straight to your inbox.

Latest Tennis Betting FAQ… (Updated 2024)

I’m looking for more tips to help me profit – any suggestions?

Always research individual services in detail but this network has been an industry leader for years. The results claimed on their site have been personally verified by our team multiple times. Remember to approach new tipsters with caution and still use the principles of responsible gambling.

How to profit from tennis betting long term?

There are two key ingredients. If either is missing you will not succeed. Firstly the ability to identify +EV markets (in other words bets that will win more frequently than the odds would indicate). Secondly a simple but consistent bankroll management plan. We suggest a simple flat stake 1 unit system where that unit equates to 1% of your total balance. This allows the bettor to scale over time and mitigate the damage of short term downswings.

For more detail check out our tennis betting profit guide.

Which bookmaker is best for tennis betting?

Our analysts personally use Pinnacle.com/Tennis due to the fact they have high limits and refuse to restrict winners. The later is a major issue at virtually all other bookmakers. The use of exchanges is also endorsed by our team although low levels of liquidity is a core challenge.