Terms and Conditions & Refund Policy for Tennis Tips UK

Please read the following terms and conditions and refund policy for the Tennis Tips UK service. It is a requirement to read and understand all the information below before subscribing to any service. Contact our team if you have any questions about Tennis Tips UK and the terms and conditions stated. Tennis Tips collects personally identifying information and data about individuals, their company, and the companies demographics “personally identifying information and data” including (i) when you provide information to Tennis Tips, such as when you register or sign up for any of our services.

This information is never shared or sold. It’s purely used to deliver the service. Please note Tennis Tips UK advisory cannot be shared or redistributed without permission.

By signing up to the Tennis Tips service you agree to never share or distribute picks or give others access to your login information.

All subscriptions and payments made to Tennis Tips UK are for the advisory and time required by our team to analyze markets. Results in terms of profit cannot be guaranteed due to variance. Tennis Tips UK assume no responsibility for losses occurred by members following the advisory provided.

Tennis Tips UK make every effort to make sure statistics (relating to profit and results) are up to date and accurate however due to the fact daily picks are sent out – there may be times when figures are not instantly updated. Mistakes and errors are also possible – please contact our team if you notice any problems. As always the service is daily advisory and analysis – results (in terms of profit) are not a legal part of the service provided.

Important Tennis Tips UK Service Information: 

– Profit cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of sports trading (variance). The monthly subscription cost is for the time our team spend analysing markets and sending tips not for the results achieved.

– Advisory can be accessed via the members area. Login required (details created during registration). Our team will always aim to upload selections at the earliest possible time however sometimes it may be close to the match start time. Our team guarantee to add tips at least 1 hour before the scheduled match start time.

Refund Policy for Tennis Tips UK 

Membership subscription fee’s can be paid via PayPal or Stripe. Refunds can be requested if the service isn’t delivered as described or if the purchase was made without the bill payers permission. However please note refunds cannot be sent for any other reason. Tennis Tips UK have made it easy to cancel an active subscription either in the account membership area or via PayPal directly. It’s the customers responsibility to manage the subscription and to be aware of payment amounts and dates. If a payment is taken (either initial or recurring) and a cancelation request is received after this then the subscription will be suspended and no further payments taken. The payment already processed will not be refunded in normal circumstances. The membership access and service will continue to be provided for the full period paid for. Tennis Tips UK reserve the right to credit free month(s) membership instead of refunds in some cases. Clearly in the case of unauthorised payments a monetary refund will be provided.

Email Delivery & Account Access:  

As part of any Tennis Tips UK subscription the member will receive login details for their account and will also be added to the mailing list. Please note there is the option to unsubscribe from the email delivery at any point – this is available in the footer of all communication from Tennis Tips UK. However using this DOES NOT cancel your subscription. Members must cancel the payment authorization via Stripe or PayPal if they wish to discontinue using the service. Some members prefer to simply access the picks via their membership account login area and this feature will remain available and active for the full duration of their subscription period.

Free Trial Refund Policy for Tennis Tips UK

Occasionally free trials of the Tennis Tips UK service(s) will be made available. Although no payment will be taken initially; payment details must be registered to activate this trial period – either via PayPal or by entering your credit/debit card details (processed externally by Stripe) The trial period is clearly stated during the checkout process and again confirmed in the welcome emails sent out by the Tennis Tips UK automated mailing software.

The customer must ensure they are fully aware of the cost of membership and the duration of their free trial. All trial plans will automatically upgrade unless the subscription is canceled during the free trial period. Refunds cannot be provided in the circumstance where buyers are ‘unaware’ that a payment would be taken. As a gesture of goodwill there is one exception to this rule. In the case that a buyer contacts Tennis Tips UK within 24 hours of a payment being processed then a refund may be provided if the buyer had intended to cancel but had been unable to do so for a reasonable reason. To be clear this must be an issue Tennis Tips UK are responsible for such as website loading issues or failing to respond to a cancelation request via email. As stated previously refunds cannot and will not be provided when subscribers have failed to manage their subscription. The billing agreement is clear and these terms have to be read and agreed to by all new members during the registration process.

How to Cancel Tennis Tips UK Subscriptions:

If members have signed up using a credit/debit card then they will be able to cancel via Stripe. Please check your inbox for details – all new subscribers will by provided with a login and it’s quick and simply to login and cancel if required.

Subscribers using PayPal can easily manage their subscription by logging directly in to their account. There is a section for ‘pre-approved’ payments. Simply select the Tennis Tips UK subscription and select ‘cancel’. This will stop all future payments or cancel the free trial (if still during this period)

After Cancellation – Important Information

If the customer requests to cancel their membership either by contacting Tennis Tips UK support or by logging in and suspending/canceling the payment authorization as previously described then no further payments will be taken. Tennis Tips UK cannot and will not ever directly debit a customer account – all payments are managed through the subscription software and via the payment portals of Stripe and PayPal.

After canceling the customer will continue to receive access to the Tennis Tips UK service for the duration remaining on their subscription plan. For example if a member signs up on the 1st January and makes a payment for a month then chooses to cancel a week later – they will continue to receive access to the full service for the remaining period (until February in that example)

Please note there is not the option to cancel and receive partial refunds due to the nature of our service. However the Tennis Tips UK mail delivery software and website login system allows our support staff to track how many times members access our service and read the advisory emails. If it is clear from this information that a member was unable to access our service then a refund may be provided.

🎾 Tennis Tips UK Membership: Why Join?

Over the years our team have analysed countless tennis tipster services - we offer all those that impress against our strict criteria a place in our program. Essentially we act as a middle man. Members subscribe to receive their email tips and we share the subscription revenue with those tipsters that deliver the highest profit each month for subscribers. That way members get to benefit from multiple vetted tipsters with a single subscription plan. This service is called the ‘VIP Club’ and costs $99.99 per month.

  • Receive email tips stating the advised match, specific bet and stake size
  • Benefit from the insight of the best tipsters we’ve sourced since 2013
  • Cancel anytime - there are no contracts or commitments.
  • Average of 2-3 bets per week sent direct to your inbox
  • Member staking $10 per unit would have profited $7540
Tennis Tips UK PayPal

Alternative: Free Membership Plan

We are constantly trying to gather feedback of tipster services across the web. If you are willing to sign up for one of these and provide some basic feedback about what you liked and/or disliked then we’ll give you VIP Club membership for free instead of the usual $99.99 charge.

How to Redeem: Valid December 2023

1.) Sign up for a £1.00 trial of our current tipster service under review (Betting Gods Premium)

2.) Send us a message confirming the email address you signed up with. By using the link above we can track your registration and ensure all feedback gathered is from genuine customers of the service.

3.) You’ll be added to the VIP Club mailing list. Please forward any feedback you have by replying to email messages containing the tips. Please check your junk folder. You are free to cancel at any time.