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Bankroll Management – Tennis Betting Guide

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Those following tipster services normally obsess over short term performance. Often completely discounting the relevance of a well thought out ‘Bankroll Management’ strategy. Tipsters will sometimes advise stakes as units or even an exact monetary figure however our team advise that followers develop their own strategy and stick with it long term.

It takes just a few minutes to formulate so let’s explore the key components to build a bankroll management approach that will make a night and day difference to returns.

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Bankroll management is a crucial element to consider when following a tipster but if often overlooked as insignificant.

STEP 1: Total Bankroll – Available Funds

The key here is honesty. How much can you allocate to following a tipster. This needs to be disposable income that you would be comfortable (if not happy) losing in a worse case scenario. Just because you are following an expert with a proven track record does not mean the core pillars of responsible gambling are void. You are still ultimately responsible for bets placed and personal accountability and control are vital. That’s why our team learn towards followers building their own bankroll strategy as a bespoke insight into personal finances is required.

Takeaway: Decide on a figure in £/$/€

Before proceeding from this stage – you will need to have a figure. This is the total amount you will allocate to following the tipster’s advisory. Keep it in a separate account. Remember this has to be money that is disposable and would not impact you financially if lost.

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STEP 2: Choosing Stake Size – Consistency is Key

Scaling stake sizing is a the ‘secret sauce’ for long term success. This means that instead of staking fixed amounts per bet or unit, known as flat staking, the follower allocated an amount based on their total bankroll (for example 1% per unit advised by the tipster). This has multiple benefits such as allowing the punter to grow their total over time with a long term focus and also limiting downside in negative periods.

Takeaway: Total Bankroll (from step one) divided by 100 = Stake Size

It’s probably best to explain with an example. If your total bankroll is £100 then we would advise staking £1 per unit. That’s 1%. If you want to be more aggressive this could be increased to 2%. The key is to stay consistent and don’t change once started. If a tipster advises varied staking then simply use your percentage based approach to calculate the stake.

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STEP 3: Staying Disciplined

Stick with your approach and never change it or chase losses. This approach sets the correct mindset for a long term investment style instead of the usually fatal short-termism.

Conclusion: Trying to profit from a tipsters advisory without bankroll management is like attempting to play tennis without a ball. It’s a core ingredient and cannot be ignored. Dedicate a few minutes of your time to develop an approach and stick with it.

What Next? Find a Profitable Tipster Service

There are many solid tipsters out there – unfortunately there are also a mountain of frauds. Research services yourself using this tipster guide or read a review for a recommended service.

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