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Home » Free Tips | Tennis Tips UK » Challenger Concepcion Betting Preview: Who is the smart money backing in Chile?

ATP Challenger Concepcion Betting Preview

The Challenger 50 event hosted in the South American haven of Chile features many rising stars for its 2024 iteration. It should at the very least offer some entertainment value but could also be appealing for the informed tennis bettor.

As always with events like this, the match outcomes are volatile and variance is in full swing. Bookmakers often apply larger than average margins (vs higher level ATP events) for this reason. This makes profiting more challenging but certainly not impossible.

So, without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into this event with the analyst data backed Challenger Concepcion Betting Preview and ultimately answer the question – Who is the smart money backing in Chile? (and who could be a wise pick for someone conversative or at the other end of the spectrum very ambitious)

Fresh from correctly highlighting Casper Ruud as the ‘pick for value seekers’ at ATP Madrid – can the analysts provide further profitable insight for the informationed tennis bettor?

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Court Surface Speed & Conditions

The event is hosted in Concepción which is located in South Chile. The forecast for this week is scattered showers with relatively modest temperate ranging between 15-17 degrees. Given this and the fact the event is played on clay – this event will suit players who prefer slower play vs the fast paced.

The Favourite: Genaro Alberto Olivieri

As of publication, no bookmakers or exchanges are offering Challenger Concepcion Outright winner markets, so Tennis Tips UK makes this assumption based on internal data modelling. To clarify Tennis Tips UK analysts would not expect any dominating favourite for this event but the Argentine Genaro Alberto Olivieri would be one of the frontrunners for tennis bettors looking for a probable winner.

Challenger Concepcion infographic for Tennis Tips UK: Olivieri probability of winning

Olivieri should be priced around 3.80-3.90 to win the Challenger Concepcion event outright based on Tennis Tips UK data modelling.

This equates to a win probability of approximately 1/4 which is as close as a favourite that you are likely to find for a volatile event like this with a relatively large field of competitors.

He has a 59.70% career match win rate on clay (Data Source: Tennis Explorer)

The Smart Money: Renzo Olivo

At first glance this may be difficult to understand given his erratic form and the fact he has never progressed further than the first round in two previous attempts in the Challenger Concepcion tournament. However there are significant flows of backing for the Argentine in his first round encounter against a potentially challenging opponent which is often a good indicator.

Olivo infographic for Tennis Tips UK

Renzo Olivo should be priced around 5.30-5.40 to win the Challenger Concepcion event outright based on Tennis Tips UK data modelling.

The first round encounter against Dutra da Silva Daniel could turn into a battle but if he can progress his prospects for the event overall look healthy.

The Long Shot: Cid Subervi Roberto

Relatively unknown apart from the most hardcore tennis fans – the Dominican has highly impressive clay court attainment metrics in 2024 so far and could make a surprise run to the later stages.

ROBERTO Cid Subervi odds of winning challenger event graphic

Tennis Tips UK data modelling has priced Roberto Cid Subervi around 17.00-18.00 to win the Challenger Concepcion event outright.

Clearly this is a highly volatile selection but could be perfect for those seeking a major payout from a conservative stake.

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FAQ: Challenger Concepcion Betting

When will outright winner markets be released for Challenger Concepcion 2024?

As this is smaller event not all bookmakers and exchanges will release odds at all. However, it is likely that a few will after the conclusion of the qualification process, which will happen in a few days. The main event runs 22-28 Apr, 2024.

Do Tennis Tips UK offer picks with tracked results?

Club membership gives access to 1-2 predictions per week that are exclusively available via that service. These are the markets that offer the best margin of value based on extensive research and data driven insight.

Full information is available for this service on the join now page.

Are there any external sports tipsters you recommend?

Tennis Tips UK frequently gather feedback on tipster services from thousands of subscribers. To be honest most of it focuses on the ever growing list of services to avoid but occasionally there are some that stand out for the right reasons like these tipsters.

Do Tennis Tips UK have any Challenger Concepcion picks?

Renzo Olivo is likely to offer the best value in terms of risk to reward ratio. The volatility of this selection will be very high however so stakes should be conservative.

Challenger Concepcion Dove Men + Care 2024 predictions?

The draw is full of decent to solid clay court competitors. Predicting the outcome is close to impossible but the players highlighted previously could offer value at the right price.

Do analysts have any Challenger Concepcion tips?

It could be a good idea to let the first few rounds finish and then use recent form data to make more informed betting choices. There are very few competitors who offer clear value at this early stage.

Profiting from tennis betting events like Challenger Concepcion is unlikely to yield long-term success unless one manages betting funds responsibly with a long-term view.


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