Please note as of 2021 a single subscription gives access to all bets. Full Tennis Tips UK Results for all services in the portfolio are available at and This tracks and verifies all tips sent to subscribers of the CORE (+35% ROI) & Investment Community (+105% ROI) Services. It shows all individual bets with the P/L for each and key summary statistics including Return on Investment (ROI) and Strike Rate. Please note there may be some variation between the overall profit figures on and those in the spreadsheet as the start time for recording differs. The latest results are updated daily on – this platforms also acts as verification as members can see the time bets were added and locked. Tennis Tips UK traders place bets on all advisory sent to members. Betslips are available to view on the Official Tennis Tips UK Twitter Page and also via Google+

Tennis Tips P/L Result: Performance Chart (Profit)

Tennis Tips Profit Results:

External Verification / Bet Tracking:

Since 2016, Tennis Tips UK have tracked member picks using external verification services. This allows prospective members to verify results before joining. Please note there may be some slight variation between tips tracked externally and the main spreadsheet as free picks (sent via social media) are not included in the VIP spreadsheet available for download.

tennis tips uk results profit tracking

Tracking Platform. All Tips added are validated – clearly showing overall performance such as Return on Investment (ROI). In addition to standard and VIP Picks our exclusive ‘Premium Investment Club’ selections are monitored via this method. Please note picks of this type are added at the last minute before the match starts as only a small group of subscribers get access to the advisory ahead of time.