Set Betting

One of the most popular types of bets in Tennis involves set betting. In this article, we will explain the basics of set betting so you can increase your chances of profiting. It can be slightly difficult to understand, but set betting is one of the most commonly preferred types of bets within the sport. You can find bookies for tennis at . All of these bookies have an excellent reputation, and they are known for providing excellent customer service. They have many markets and games on offer. This means that you can find a tennis match from a variety of leagues to bet on either pre-match or in-play. Set betting is available for all matches, and below, we will explain what this type of bet entails. 

The Set Line

In Tennis, set betting is available in a spread bet. This type of spread is exclusive to the sport. Rather than betting on individual matches that a player wins, you bet on how many sets a player wins. The majority of Tennis matches have three sets; however, this can also be five. The usual set line for three-set matches is + and – 1.5. What this means is that you bet on whether a player will win in straight sets. The underdog part of this line bets on the player winning at least one set. If they win more sets, then you will still win the bet. 

This set line becomes a bit more complex when it comes to five-set matches. In grand slam competitions, it is common to see the set line at -2.5. This means that the favored player must win in straight sets, and the opposite bet means that the underdog must win at least one set. When the players are more evenly skilled, the set line can be -1.5. This means that the favorite must win by at least two sets. A straight-sets victory or a 2 set victory would allow this bet to be won. However, if they lose more than one set, then the bet would lose.

One particular aspect to note about the set line is that there can be odds that cover the Moneyline together with the handicap. This occurs when betting on heavy favorites, that are highly likely to win in straight sets. A set line of -1.5 may only have odds of 1.65, for example. However, this can offer good value when compared to betting on a favorite to win outright, where the payout can be considerably less. The advantages of a set line are that they allow you to bet on favorites dominating or underdogs pulling back a set. 

Win Margin

You can also bet on the specific outcome of sets. A popular bet is the winning margin of the first bet. Players usually aim to start strong, and the performance of a first set can be different from the rest. This offers a useful betting opportunity. Some players are well-known for starting on the strong foot, and you can use this knowledge to your advantage. Betting on 6-0, 6-1, or 6-2, can offer great odds when compared to betting on winning the set alone. This is another way to get more value from betting on favorites. 

Closing Thoughts

Many Tennis matches can have unfavorable odds, especially when the favorites are playing. This can make bets seem unappealing due to their low payouts. However, the use of set betting allows you to garner extra value from bets. You will now have a much better idea of how set betting works in the Tennis markets.

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