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In a nutshell – our service gives members access to 30 days worth of emails that contain the exact matches, bets and stake that those within the tipster group are backing. Those responsible for sharing these selections have a proven, profitable and verified track record.

Tennis Tips UK launched this service in early 2023. All subscription revenue is given exclusively to the individual tipster contribution that has achieved the highest return on investment for that month. To keep things simple and fair – all tipster selections are tracked with flat staking of a single unit with odds from Pinnacle – the only major bookmaker to permit winners without restrictions. Subscribers can follow tips with any bookmaker or exchange of their choosing – this just makes sure recorded results are obtainable.

Looking for FREE MEMBERSHIP? Redeem Any Offer

Simply sign up to any of the offers below via the link provided. The link will open in a new tab. After contact our team with your email address and you’ll get 30 days membership free of charge. It’s that simple. Please allow 24 hours for this process to complete once completing steps.

1.) Acca Tennis Tipster ↗

Simply start a trial of this tipster via the link above. The service is delivered via email and mobile app and has yielded a win rate of over 60% – Exclusive Offer: 3 Months for £37 

2.) Sure Betting ↗

Imagine if you can cover all possible outcomes and profit regardless. The stuff of fantasy? No it’s the concept of matched or sure betting. The link above will provide a 30% discount on annual memberships.

3.) Value Betting ↗

Learn how to use the bookmakers strategy against them with a comprehensive understanding of probability. The link above will give access to a 14 day trial period.

Golden Rules – Please Read

1.) Exclusivity is Key

The objective was to create a small community consisting of profitable +EV bettors and paid subscribers. Tipsters have the motivation of a monthly results based payout (from subscription revenue) and members benefit from getting access to profitable selections that they can back via bookmakers and/or exchanges.

2.) Privacy & Anonymity

Tennis Tips UK act as a middle man of sorts – allowing tipsters and subscribers to keep their identity anonymous while sharing the valuable information needed to benefit from their expertise.

3.) Flexibility & Profit Promise

There are no recurring payments or contracts. Simply 30 day plans. If you follow all selections provided within your subscription period and don’t come out on top you’ll get your membership extended for free.

ProfitStrike RateROIBookmakers Used
Data based on following all selections advised via email with flat staking of 1 unit per wager. Updated May 2023. Full results history is verified externally here.

How to Join – Membership

Selections will be delivered direct to your PayPal email inbox.

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Refund & Privacy Policy

Your details will not be shared externally. Tennis Tips UK will use contact details purely for delivering the service via email. Refunds are only permitted where the service is not as described (i.e 2-3 bets per week advised via email). There is no recurring subscription charge so members can manually choose whether to continue their membership each month.