Refining Your Tennis Betting Strategy

When it comes to increasing your returns when tennis betting, you can refine your strategy based on three essential elements:

1. Finding betting value
2. Practicing healthy money management
3. Maintaining discipline

Implementing this three-fold strategy will ensure that you make more money with your wagering activities and once you refine your strategy, you’ll see your returns increase incrementally. Tennis is a hugely popular sport in the UK and globally, and the fact that there are wagering opportunities year-round makes it all the more of an attractive betting portion.

Finding a Tennis Value Bet

This factor’s importance cannot be overstated: the absolute key to successful tennis betting over the longer term is to wager only when there is value in the odds. Calculating betting value is very simple:

Value = (decimal odds * Your Assessed Probability) – 1

Whenever the value is greater than zero, you have a value bet on your hands. The way to beat the bookmakers is to make assessments of a given outcome’s probability that are more accurate than theirs. Doing this consistently will make your bets more profitable over the long-term.

This kind of preparation is part of what makes tennis betting so enjoyable, especially as you get better at doing it and start seeing results in the returns from your stakes.

Application of Sound Money Management

Very similar to the idea of value betting is the requirement to apply a consistent staking strategy. Any worthwhile plan for betting should make the most of the value that you have learned to identify, as well as minimising the risk to your betting bankroll overall.

If you want success over the long-term when it comes to tennis betting, or wagering on any sport for that matter, you will need to take an approach to the pastime like a financial planner would.

As far as your bankroll is concerned, you need to start off with an amount of cash that would not see you go under should you lose it. Many of the most successful bettors in the world started with small bankrolls, building from the ground up, and we recommend you do the same. Slow and steady wins the race, and nowhere is that more true than with successful betting of any kind.

Keep a Record of Your Bets

Now that you have started identifying bet value and practicing money management, your third task remains: keeping a record of the wagers you make. These records should include the following:

• Date
• Tournament
• Bet type
• Bet details
• Bookmaker
• Stake
• Odds
• Profit/loss
• Comments

Failing to keep an accurate record of your betting puts your chances of profiting over the long-term at risk. Your records are there so that you can conduct reviews regularly, and see what your overall performance is. They will help you answer questions like:

• Which types of bets are you profiting from most consistently?
• Which tournaments see you losing money?
• Are you going through a losing streak?
• Has it happened before?
• What did you do to recover from it in the past?

Refining your tennis betting strategy is a worthwhile pursuit, and it is one that will pay off both short and long term.

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