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ATP Indian Wells R2 – Paul vs Michelsen

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Tennis Tips UK offer a subscription service that delivers a single recommended bet per day to members. This advises the market to back and at what odds it presents value. For Sunday 10th March (10/03/24) this was from a R2 match at Indian Wells between Paul vs Michelsen.

After the match result is confirmed the team publish a ‘Profit / Loss Report’ which gives a breakdown of if the selection delivered profit but also looks at extra factors such as how the advised odds compared to the closing line at sharp bookmakers. This allows us to quantify whether that selection was good or bad and tailor our approach going forward.

You can view the full results history for ‘BOTD’ here.

Match Result

Tommy Paul won 6-2 6-2 (dropping just four games)

Match result Paul vs Michelsen

Bet Outcome – WON

Paul vs Michelsen BOTD email
Paul vs Michelsen BOTD subscriber email screenshot

Units Gained or Lost

+1.38 profit from this selection with a Return on Investment (ROI) of 138.00%

Bet outcome

Odds Analysis (Pinnacle)

The advised odds were 2.38 and the closing line (Pinnacle) was 2.35 – beat by small margin

Pinnacle odds pre match

FAQ for P/L Reports (BOTD)

What is the purpose of these reports?

To show potential subscribers how our service works with real life examples. It also allows our team to analyse if a specific bet was good value or not beyond just the match result by considering factors that came into play and if the all important Pinnacle closing line was beaten.

Do you have full results for all bets overall?

Yes – head over to our profit history page (this also links to an external verification platform)

How do I get access to the tips?

You can subscribe via PayPal – this will get all selections sent to your email inbox.