TennisTotals™️ is an invite-only service operated by a team of traders based in Herefordshire, United Kingdom. Available to join via Tennis Tips UK & Tennis Genie. Members will need access to bookmaker accounts that support profitable members (i.e Pinnacle, Black Type) or exchanges.

Members receive a single advised market per day. Flat staking is utilised so bankroll management is conservative and low risk. New subscribers will have a short consultation to decide on an appropriate investment amount and liability per unit. Full results are available on the Tracking and Verification Platform (selections specifically for the TennisTotals™️ service are labelled as such in the notes section)

How Results are Recorded: Odds are quoted from a single bookmaker (Unibet) for all selections and with a flat stake. This is to make replicating the profit achieved simple with just a single account.

Looking to Join? Follow @TennisTotals for free access to selections daily. Premium membership is an optional extra and provides additional markets.

Subscription Fee: £9.99/month