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Top Sports Tipsters compiled based on member ratings, feedback and recommendations

Individuals that make a full time income through sports trading and/or betting frequently use multiple tipster services. This is often refered to as ‘building a tipster portfolio’. This could cover multiple sports, markets or risk levels however the objective is to obtain the insight of experts to gain an edge that will deliver sustained profit. The services on the approved list below have achieved long term profitability.

Tennis Tips UK offer a range of services providing ATP & Challenger advisory focusing on match winner, set handicap and over/under (total games) markets. If you would like to find out more about that offering check out this page. The focus of this section however is tipster services covering other sports. The following services have been ranked based on extensive testing from our trading team and also long term members. This involved providing members with a tipster service to trial and then requesting feedback – both positive and negative – considering areas such as results (profit/loss), customer support, advisory reasoning/justification and membership pricing. We are still looking for individuals to try both new and established tipster services. If you are interested in doing so then providing feedback please see the form at the footer of this article (rewards are available in exchange for your time including full access to all Tennis Tips UK picks without any subscription cost)

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Approved Sports Tipsters

Sport Tipsters – Highest Rated Service List