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Why Bet on Tennis? Professional Trader Perspective from Tennis Tips UK

Tennis is one of the most entertaining sports on the planet.  An old fashioned duel between two people, tennis is quite rare among the mainstream sports, in that it is a one on one event.  Take a look at other sports on which people bet, such as football, golf, horse racing and cricket.  These are either team sports or events where individuals are responsible for their own performance, as part of a large field of other participants.  From within the list, aside from horse racing, tennis is only second to football in terms of worldwide popularity when it comes to betting.

However, to those in the know, tennis is actually the best sport on which to bet and there are a number of reasons for this.

Why Bet on Tennis? Advantages & Disadvantages of Tennis from the Perspective of Sports Betting

Why Bet on Tennis? Top 6 Reasons

Firstly, tennis is open to a fewer number of random events than other sports, such as football.  Take into account the number of participants involved for example.  In a tennis match, you have two players, in football you have 22 players, at a minimum, as players often come off the substitutes bench to influence matches too.  Yes, you can have a strong team playing against a weak team in football but when it comes to analysing the players, it is much easier to do this for two players, then it is 22 players.

Analysing the form, playing style, mental state, head-to-head record and physical condition of two players, is much easier to do than it is for 22 players.

Furthermore, in sports such as football and cricket, the officials can have a big influence on the outcome of the match.  Not a single football or cricket match seems to go by at the top level, without the officials coming in for criticism, for a wrong decision which has been made.  Imagine placing a significant bet on the outcome of a football match, only for things to go against you because the referee’s assistant made a wrong decision, which led to a goal and defeat for your team.  This can happen regularly.

However, when betting on tennis matches, the officials have no impact on the big points of a match, as the technology is there, to ensure the correct decision is made.  Even if technology is not present at smaller tennis events, those being played on clay courts allow the umpires to check where the ball has bounced, therefore, the correct decision as to who wins the point, is made.

Other, external factors, are also less of an influence on tennis betting, than they are for other sports.  As football is popular among punters, this provides another great example.  In a football match, a star player could be injured or sent off, the weather conditions could change and really play into the hands of one team in particular or the quality of the pitch could be poor, leading to uneven bounces of the ball.  Thankfully, tennis does not have this problem.

If a tennis player is injured and is forced to withdraw from a match, in most cases, the stake will be refunded to the punter.  In which case, it is impossible for a bet to hinge on an injury, much like it could in football or cricket.  In addition, tennis courts tend to be fairly standard in their conditioning.  In general, there are hard courts, clay courts and grass courts.

A further factor is time.  Tennis matches can go on for as long as required to find a winner, in other sports, the outcome is restricted by time and this can lead to teams playing for a draw, which is impossible to do in tennis.

High Volume of Tennis Data to Analyze

A key aspect to placing a good bet, is the availability of statistical information and there is an abundance on offer for tennis.  Statistics down to the finest detail, such as the number of service games won by a player on a specific surface, at a specific event or even against a certain opponent, are all there to be used.  Hence, we feel extremely confident when making our tennis tips, as we know we have access to all the information required, to make a very well informed decision.

The majority of top bookmakers, now offer free live streaming of tennis matches.  By placing a bet at the bookmakers’ website, access to these live streams is available and they can be used to our advantage when betting on tennis.  The streams are not really there for enjoyment purposes, they are there for betting purposes and become a vital ingredient when betting in-play.

With statistics and live streaming on offer, you do not have to have a great knowledge of tennis, to enjoy betting on the sport.  In fact, some of the top earners in tennis betting, have admitted they actually know very little about the sport but know how to use the wealth of data available to them and place a number of bets per day, using the information.

However, here at Tennis Tips UK, we have access to the very best and most accurate tennis data available, in addition to having a great knowledge of the sport, tournament and players involved.  This is what makes our tips advisory service the best you will find, anywhere online today.

Wide Range of Tennis Betting Markets

Another great reason to bet on tennis, is the huge choice of betting markets which are available.  To the untrained eye, there are only a handful of ways to bet on tennis, by either backing the winner of a tournament, such as Wimbledon or by backing an individual player to win their match.  As we know, there are many interesting and exciting ways to bet on tennis, many of which you will be able to implement, thanks to our great tips.  The additional betting markets available for tennis include Set Betting, Total Games, Set Handicap, Game Handicap, Number of Sets, Player to Win a Set, Number of Aces and Most Aces.  It’s possible to go into even further detail with tennis betting, using bets such as Player to Win First Point, Player to Win First Game, Player to Make the First Break of Serve, Most Double Faults, First Double Fault and much more.

The wide choice of betting options, make tennis a fantastic sport on which to bet and win money.

You also have the option of betting in-play and this opens up a whole new facet to tennis betting.  With in-play betting, you can wait until a tennis match has started and then place bets, as the match develops.  A key aspect of this, is to have an understanding of how different players react in different situations and this information can easily be found, thanks to the statistics we mentioned earlier.

Large Number of Events – ATP, WTA & Challenger Tournaments

Finally and perhaps the most important reason tennis is a great sport on which to bet, is the number of tournaments which are played throughout the year.  To the casual observer, there are four tennis tournaments during the course of a year, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open.  While these are the biggest tournaments, there is plenty more going on besides.  Both the ATP and WTA Tours have events scheduled from January, through to November, every year, without exception. For example check out this full list of women’s tennis events.

A quick glance at the 2016 ATP calendar for example, shows that even in November, there are nine different tournaments to be played, each offering a wide range of betting opportunities.  The same applies for the WTA Tour, where a quick look at the schedule for October 2016, shows a total of ten different tournaments to be played.  Even if there are no ATP or WTA Tour events being played, chances are, there will be Challenger events and these also offer good betting prospects, especially if you have signed up for our VIP Tips Club Membership package.

These tournaments are being played throughout the world, all in different time zones and this is to our advantage.  Basically, whatever the time of day is where you are, there is a good chance a tennis match is being played, on which you can bet and with our tips, you will be armed to take full advantage of them.

Why Bet on Tennis? If that hasn’t convinced you to get involved in tennis betting, nothing will.

Tennis is the perfect sport for betting purposes.  Matches and tournaments are being played, throughout the world, at all times of the year, meaning you will have matches to get involved in.  The choice of betting markets is fantastic and you can bet on a huge range of outcomes, down to the smallest details.  The wealth of statistics and live streaming available, gives you the chance to keep up with everything that is happening in the match you are betting on and the number of external factors, which can influence the outcome of a match, are minimal.

Get involved in tennis betting today, with our brilliant tips service.  Our success rate speaks for itself, with a 36% return on investment, so you can’t go wrong, making betting on tennis with Tennis Tips UK, a great and exciting way to make money. Apply for Tennis Tips UK VIP Club Membership

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Why Bet on Tennis? Advantages & Disadvantages of Tennis from the Perspective of Sports Betting

Why Bet on Tennis? Advantages & Disadvantages of Tennis from the Perspective of Sports Betting



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