Featured Match: Anderson v Chung

Event: Mubadala World Tennis Championship

Scheduled: 27th December @ 12:00 (Thursday)

Tennis Tips UK MetricsK AndersonH Chung
Overall Rating72 (B)55 (C)
Court Time (Fatigue) Very LowVery Low
Form (% Win Rate from last 10)7/10 (70%)4/10 (40%)
Physical Rating (Fitness)88 (A)31 (E)
Projected Odds:1/2 (1.50)2/1 (3.00)
  • Overall Rating – This refers to the score give from 1-100 for each player based on all metrics stated and analysed. A grade is also provided.
  • Court Time – Fatigue is a key factor. This looks at recent matches and the total time spent in these encounters. The physical intensity required is also considered.
  • Form – Percentage showing the win rate for each player from their ten most recent matches. This includes all events including exhibitions.
  • Physical Rating – Fitness metric that quantifies injury concerns and total court time for each player.
  • Projected Odds – The fair price that Tennis Tips UK traders would set for each player given their implied win probability. This doesn’t include any bookmaker margin simulation. This metric can be used to identify market value. For example if the actual available odds are higher than those projected for a player.

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Tennis Tips UK use statistical modelling to quantify the percentage probability of a specific market (e.g Player A to win). This is based on factors such as form, surface attainment and court time. This is then compared to the market odds and value identified for subscribers.