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Introduction: What is Betting Gods VIP Membership?

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In a nutshell – VIP Membership gives access to all tipsters active on the Betting Gods network with a single subscription. This offers a significant cost saving versus joining multiple services individually. Membership is limited so it can be challenging to gain a place. In this review we’ll explore the value proposition of this subscription option in detail with our ‘Betting Gods VIP Membership Review’.

You can check if there are currently VIP Membership spots available here.

The Betting Gods Network – Quick Overview

BettingGods.com is certainly one of the good guys when it comes to the tipster industry although frankly it doesn’t take much to rise to the top amongst a group unfortunately full of scams and false claims. But let’s be fair – their tipsters are verified, quote obtainable odds and have a no questions refund policy so it’s difficult to fault them in that respect.

VIP Membership: Verified Results

Average monthly profits based on £25 stakes per unit are over £4,700 as of publication. That’s highly impressive and Tennis Tips UK have verified these figures first hand. Horse racing tipsters contribute the most towards this figure and that can be problematic given bookmakers tendency to restrict winning punters. Exchange liquidity (at the advised prices) quickly dries up given the large number of followers.

Betting Gods VIP tipsters

Long term subscribers have to get creative to achieve quoted results given bookmaker limitations and lack of liquidity in some cases. You’ll need quick fingers and to leverage resources such as multiple accounts or perhaps even bet brokers.

Even assuming most members struggle to get the quoted odds – it’s still highly probable that the profit achieved will be significant. For example even if on average subscribers get 10% worse odds than advised that would still deliver a monthly profit in excess of £4,000 if past results replicate in the future.

Conclusion: Great value to access the full network of tipsters with a single membership. Prepare with multiple bookmaker and exchange accounts and stick to long term bankroll management and this is a clear value proposition.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Betting Gods VIP Membership Synopsis – Reviewer Comments

The results are highly impressive. Stick to a fixed bet per unit and adhere to the principles of bankroll management. Multiple bookmaker, exchange and ideally a bet broker account will significantly enhance long term profits.

Robert Fraser, Tennis Tips UK Lead Reviewer

FAQ for The Rolling Aces Tipster Service

How much is the subscription for ‘VIP Membership’

The standard charge is £99.99 per month. However there is a discount accessible here.

Can I Cancel Membership?

Yes – all Betting Gods tipster subscriptions come with a no questions asked refund policy.

Do I need Multiple Bookmaker Accounts?

No but it is highly recommended to enhance returns.

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Subscription service for tennis bettors to receive advisory direct to their inbox. This specifies the match, which bet and the recommended stake. Following these recommended picks has yielded a return in excess of 10% as of early 2024.

Who picks the advised bets?

Tennis Tips UK have a team of analysts built over the past decade. Each has shown a proficiency in beating ATP, Challenger or Grand Slam markets consistently.

How much profit have the picks made overall?

Full tracking is available publicly via a third party verification platform. However there are multiple club members attaining four figure profit sums each month simply by following the advised bets using their bookmaker and exchange accounts.

How can I get access?

Club membership is currently open through a 7 Day Trial. This can be cancelled at any time. Subscribers can expect to receive 1-2 picks per week via email on average. These will be match winner bets priced at 2.00 or above covering ATP, Challenger or Grand Slam matches.