How to bet on Australian Open tennis: Top tips

Tennis is a well-esteemed sports discipline in the world. There are a great number of people who follow every single significant tournament but also make bets on it. Grand Slam series are those events that gather an audience of hundreds of millions of people. There are four major competitions that comprise this grand championship. The Australian Open is the 1st competition in the series that occurs every year in January. The location of the event is Melbourne, Australia. 

Those punters who are fond of this sports event and tennis, in general, will benefit greatly from this article because here they will find out how to bet on the Australian Open. What is more, they will also be able to obtain helpful tennis tips regarding wagering on this specific tournament. By the way, if you are interested in Novak Djokovic, then you should follow the link. There you will uncover current betting odds for the forthcoming matches as well Australian open betting tips from professional tipsters.  

What is special about Australian Open betting?

The competition was founded in the year of 1905. There have already been one hundred and ten editions of the Australian Open tennis competition. The competition features men’s and women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles. The competition had been held on grass courts prior to 1988, but since that time, it has been held on hard courts.

The surface has a big impact on the game. A player who feels comfortable on one surface may perform worse on another. The hard is characterised by medium speed and a stable rebound. The only disadvantage of the hard surface is the increased load on the joints due to the high level of adhesion of shoes to the surface of the court. It makes the hard less comfortable for tennis players than clay and grass surfaces. However, this feature adds dynamism to the game.

Here are men players who have become champions of this world championship: Rafael Nadal (2022), Novak Djokovic (2021, 2020, 2019), and Roger Federer (2018, 2017). When it comes to the winner of the AUS Open among women, here they are Ashleigh Barty (2022), Naomi Osaka (2021, 2019), Sofia Kenin (2020), and Serena Williams (2017, 2015, 2010, 2009). 

Top betting markets and odds for the Australian Open

Betting operators offer a fairly large number of betting markets on the Grand Slam tournament. The following options are especially favoured among punters:

  • Outcome. This is a bet that is placed on the winner of the match. There can be no draw in tennis so that there are only two options – the victory of the first or the second athlete. 
  • Totals. With this type of punt, punters need to predict the total number of games or sets played. A tennis match is divided into sets. Each set consists of games. Traditionally, the game is played until one of the players wins 6 games. Thus, a set score of 6:3 means that the first player won 6 games and the second player won only 3 games. The maximum number of games in one set that tennis players can play is 13. Bettors may also pick an easier option which is over/under sports betting. Here bettors should predict whether the number of sets or games will be higher or lower than the one which is established by bookies. Punters may also make totals not only on the tennis match in general but also on individual athletes. 
  • Handicaps. There are such tennis matches in a tournament where one player is stronger than the other one and there is a high likelihood that he will become the winner. Then bookmakers try to make the chances of both athletes equal by adding a specific positive or negative value which is called handicap. Minus handicap is usually given to favourites while plus handicap is granted to outsiders. Correct score. Punters may also make predictions on the exact score with which Australian open matches will end. 
  • Outright bets. With this kind of bet, punters should try to predict who will become the victor of the Open championship. 

As for Australian open odds, they may vary depending on the bookie you choose. Therefore, make sure that you check the odds for this sports event on several betting platforms in order to pick one which will give you an opportunity to make a higher profit. 

Top points to consider when betting on the Australian Open

If you want to make money out of Australian open betting, then you should consider the following criteria while making your future predictions:

  • Keep track of all the news concerning the upcoming matches. Sometimes changes may happen because players may resign from the competition because of an injury, for example.
  • Study statistics. It will help you to analyse the performance of athletes during the previous matches and predict how they will play in future games. 
  • Make your own analysis. Watch previous matches, analyse the style of play of athletes, establish their strong and weak points, etc. It is easier to analyse two players in tennis than twenty-two players in football, for example. 
  • Examine the current form of tennis players. The form of players can change a lot during the season. If a tennis player is on a winning streak, in a good mood, and also won a match the day before, this means a lot for bettors. Also, check how individual players perform on a hard surface because it will be really significant with respect to this championship. 
  • Take advantage of professional Australian open betting tips. There are many platforms where betting experts and sports analysts propose their betting tips for major tennis tournaments. You may make use of them as an extra source of information for making your own forecast. 


So, if you admire tennis sports discipline, then you will definitely consider wagering on the Australian Open. There are numerous options for making punts on this tournament proposed by betting platforms. Therefore, pick a bookie that offers high betting odds, make an analysis, study tips, develop your own strategy and start wagering on this championship.