IMPORTANT: Syndicate results are available at Daily betslips are also posted on social media such as on the Tennis Tips UK Twitter Page. This service is private. Applications are considered however places cannot be guarenteed.  Currently the Syndicate boasts an industry leading Return on Investment (ROI) above 150%. The Syndicate is tailored towards long term investors. There is a one-time subscription fee for lifetime membership to support the operational staff running the day to day tasks to keep the Syndicate functioning. Members can leave at any time. Please note the membership fee is entirely optional. If you wish to select this option please complete the short form below.

Tennis Tips UK Syndicate Management Team

Syndicate – Private Tennis Trading Club

The ‘Syndicate – Private Tennis Trading Club’ is a joint venture from the team behind Tennis Tips UK & Tennis Genie with input from various external parties. Club members invest in sports markets through placing bets on tennis (match winner, set handicap, games handicap etc.) Syndicate members are required to have multiple bookmaker and exchange accounts to access the markets and odds located by the trading team. Members are also invited to a Skype group where the trading team provide in-play trading tips for ATP, WTA & Challenger markets.

What do Syndicate Members Receive?

Daily ATP, WTA & Challenger Advisory

Bankroll Management (advised stake size with each selection)

How to Join – The Application Process

This service is private. The results achieved (in terms of profit and return on investment) are industry leading. New member applications are accepted however places are not guarenteed. Our recruitment team will discuss your application and ask various questions regarding your approach to sports betting/trading. If they feel your approach is compatable your application is likely to be accepted. The membership numbers are capped however so there will be a waiting list for approved applicants. Start by completing the short form below. In the ‘your message’ field please briefly describe your reason for wanting to join.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where are Syndicate Tips Tracked / Recorded? All selections are available to view at (Free, VIP Club & Premium Investment selections are also tracked via this method – Syndicate tips are clearly labelled as such)

How are tips received by Syndicate Members? Our traders analyze markets early morning UK time and send out advisory via email a few hours later in most cases. This message contains the advised bet, stake size and also contains detailed reasoning and analysis.

What are the advised stake ranges? An amount to bet per unit is decided upon between new applicants and our team. For tracking purposes all selections are recorded at just £10 per unit (1-10 unit scale so the maximum individual bet size is £100)

Syndicate tips are tracked and verified publicly via platforms such as (Tennis Tips UK & Tennis Genie operate several services – each individual bet is clearly marked depending on which service it was provided for)

Tennis Tips UK - Syndicate Feed

Tennis Tips UK Syndicate Group: New Applicant Information

– The Syndicate has a 156.65% Return on Investment figure overall. So on average for every £10 invested £15.66 is returned as profit. All tips are tracked and verified on (figure accurate as of July 2017)

– Advisory is sent to members via email at 10PM UK time each evening. There are a maximum of 50 subscribers permitted to preserve market value. The service has just launched publicly. You’ll need an exchange account and/or bookmakers to place the daily bets. Please note Syndicate members can and will (in most cases) be limited by bookmakers. Consistent profitability combined with beating the SP (odds at the time the match starts) will flag accounts for review. It’s the biggest compliment a bookmaker can give. They don’t want your business and there’s only one reason for that – they think you’ll make a profit long term. Using an exchange or bookmaker that operates a volume based model will provide a solution to this.

– Members work together with our traders. It’s a community and as such we only accept members with a common goal (making long term, sustained profit that can be used as a primary source of income). The Syndicate wasn’t founded with the goal of making a profit for its creators – its a group that connects some of the most successful tennis traders with subscribers from around the world.

Application Decision: Why are Members Accepted or Rejected?

The Syndicate is a group that works together. It’s not a service meant to generate a profit for the founders. Members are accepted if they share the same attitude and ambitions as current members. Serious, patient and disciplined investors. If you wish to increase the chances of your application being accepted please include details with your application regarding your history with betting and objectives going forward. Talk about mistakes you’ve made, what works for you, how much you intend to invest etc. The Syndicate has stellar results but there will be losing days. Members will unrealistic expectations will be rejected.

What Next? Application Pending…

There is a single membership fee for the Syndicate service that goes towards the running and administration of the group. Once signed up you’ll receive an email within a few days regarding a decision for your application. If for any reason your application is rejected a full refund will be provided.

Start a New Syndicate Application

Kind regards,

Martin Bridge – Syndicate Administration Team

🎾 Tennis Tips UK Membership: Why Join?

Over the years our team have analysed countless tennis tipster services - we offer all those that impress against our strict criteria a place in our program. Essentially we act as a middle man. Members subscribe to receive their email tips and we share the subscription revenue with those tipsters that deliver the highest profit each month for subscribers. That way members get to benefit from multiple vetted tipsters with a single subscription plan. This service is called the ‘VIP Club’ and costs $99.99 per month.

  • Receive email tips stating the advised match, specific bet and stake size
  • Benefit from the insight of the best tipsters we’ve sourced since 2013
  • Cancel anytime - there are no contracts or commitments.
  • Average of 2-3 bets per week sent direct to your inbox
  • Member staking $10 per unit would have profited $7540
Tennis Tips UK PayPal

Alternative: Free Membership Plan

We are constantly trying to gather feedback of tipster services across the web. If you are willing to sign up for one of these and provide some basic feedback about what you liked and/or disliked then we’ll give you VIP Club membership for free instead of the usual $99.99 charge.

How to Redeem: Valid December 2023

1.) Sign up for a £1.00 trial of our current tipster service under review (Betting Gods Premium)

2.) Send us a message confirming the email address you signed up with. By using the link above we can track your registration and ensure all feedback gathered is from genuine customers of the service.

3.) You’ll be added to the VIP Club mailing list. Please forward any feedback you have by replying to email messages containing the tips. Please check your junk folder. You are free to cancel at any time.