Fucsovics vs Duckworth Prediction, Free Tips, Betting Odds, Live Stream, H2H | ATP Sydney Match Preview | Scheduled for 07/01/2019

Fucsovics vs Duckworth Preview & Synopsis: The Tennis Tips UK team preview Fucsovics vs Duckworth which is a match scheduled to be played on Monday morning (00:00 GMT). Duckworth was beaten in straight sets (by Murray) in his only match of the year so far. His record in Sydney is relatively average. Fucsovics has made a much brighter start winning one and losing in three sets to Djokovic in Doha.

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M Fucsovics vs J Duckworth Prediction Odds, Betting Markets, Live Stream & Bookmaker Coverage: This match will be extensively covered by all major bookmakers and exchanges including Bet365, Betfair, William Hill, Paddy Power and Pinnacle. There are over forty bookmakers currently offering odds but this will change over the coming hours. Match Winner, Set Betting and Handicap markets are available. For funded accounts most UK based bookmakers will offer a free live stream of this match.

M Fucsovics vs J Duckworth Bookmaker Odds Overview

Duckworth is priced around 3.20 which implies a win probability of around 31.3%. Fucsovics is available at around 1.40

Player Social Media & Resources: Fucsovics Profile | Duckworth Twitter

Official social media profiles can provide useful information regarding a player especially when they are traveling around events and fatigue could be an issue to consider. Tennis players are human beings and these platforms can give an insight into a players life and mindset.

M Fucsovics vs J Duckworth Prediction – Player Comparison Table

Data correct as of Sunday 6th January 2019. Sources: Tennis Explorer, ATP Official, Tennis Tips UK Analyst Research. Looking for Regular Profitable Tips? Find out about the 7 Day Trial

Head to Head Fucsovics vs Duckworth H2H: 0-0. First meeting so there is no head to head as of yet.

Player Ranking: Fucsovics is ranked at 36 after an impressive 2018 season and Duckworth is significantly below at 234 as of the time this match is scheduled for.

Tennis Tips UK Metrics: Fucsovics vs DuckworthMartin FucsovicsJames Duckworth
Overall Rating92/10045/100
Court Time (Fatigue)LowLow
Form (Recent Matches)Good Poor
Physical Rating86/10075/100
Projected Odds1/4 (1.25)4/1 (5.00)
Implied Win Probability80.00%20.00%
Surface RecordVery Good Good
Past Record @ EventFirst TimePoor
Value? (Based on Current Odds)YESNO


  • Overall Rating – This refers to the score give from 1-100 for each player based on all metrics stated and analysed. 
  • Court Time – Fatigue is a key factor. This looks at recent matches and the total time spent in these encounters. The physical intensity required is also considered. 
  • Form – Percentage showing the win rate for each player from their five most recent matches. This includes all events including exhibitions.
  • Physical Rating – Fitness metric that quantifies injury concerns and total court time for each player.
  • Projected Odds – The fair price that Tennis Tips UK traders would set for each player given their implied win probability. This doesn’t include any bookmaker margin simulation. This metric can be used to identify market value. For example if the actual available odds are higher than those projected for a player.
  • Surface record looks at performance on the surface specifically. The rating is based on win percentage (factoring in opponent quality). Data based on past 12 months.

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