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Match Snapshot: C Eubanks vs J Lehecka

Court 6, Melbourne Park, Australian Open18 Jan 2023, 05:00 (UK Time)
Stated timing is subject to change due to duration variance with previous matches on that court and weather conditions.

Battle No.1 – Player Form

C Eubanks J Lehecka
80% win rate so far overall in 2023. Four wins and a single loss all played on hard courts.71% win rate so far in 2023. Five wins and two losses on hard courts.
DRAW – Form data isn’t conclusive either way.DRAW – Form data isn’t conclusive either way.
Data sourced from Tennis Explorer. Correct as of publication.

Battle No.2 – Head to Head (H2H)

C Eubanks J Lehecka
0-0 No head-to-head (H2H) record0-0 No head-to-head (H2H) record
DRAW – They have never competed against either other previously. DRAW – They have never competed against either other previously.
Data correct as of publication.

Battle No.3 – Ranking & Ability

C Eubanks J Lehecka
Currently ranked 116 with an upward trend of 7 places in 2023. Has been ranked higher in the past. Attainment highly volatile. Seems to have peaked in terms of achievements.Currently ranked 71 with an upward trend of 7 places in 2023. Young player with impressive recent form metrics.
Data sourced from ATP Rankings and correct as of publication.

Conclusion – Winner

JIRI LEHECKA – A young player clearly on a rapid upward trajectory. His opponent seems to have peaked. The surface speed and conditions in Melbourne should favour him. Currently priced around 1.50-1.60 which offers modest value. An unjustified drift to a slightly larger price would make it appealing for a large outlay.

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