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M Polmans vs N Moreno De Alboran Prediction – Sunday 18th February 2024

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The Los Cabos Open (AKA ATP Los Cabos) is a hard court hosted in Mexico. The 2024 iteration will commence properly from Monday once qualifying has concluded. However it is the aforementioned qualification that we focus on today with our preview of the Q-R16 encounter between the more established Australian Marc Polmans and his inform opponent Nicolas Moreno De Alboran (try saying that after a few drinks). Who will emerge victorious and progress to the main draw? Discover this with our M Polmans vs N Moreno De Alboran prediction, tips and betting insight.

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Odds & Probability

Bookmakers and exchanges are respecting the form of Nicolas Moreno De Alboran (7-5 on hard courts in 2024 – Data Source: Tennis Explorer). He is priced in the 1.50-1.60 range as of publication. Players priced in this category have performed relatively poorly across a large dataset as explored in our tennis betting guide. However as always our focus is on this match specifically and short term form metrics are one of the most reliable indicators of match outcome from our extensive research.

M Polmans vs N Moreno De Alboran Prediction - ATP Los Cabos Betting Prediction - 18 Feb 2024 Infographic showing player chances of winning

Marc Polmans has a 40% chance of winning this match in either two or three sets based on the current sharp bookmaker prices.

His opponent is a marginal favourite and with odds of 1.50-1.60 this suggests approximately a 60% chance of progressing to the next stage of ATP Los Cabos 2024.

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To conclude our M Polmans vs N Moreno De Alboran prediction this match seems to be priced relatively efficiently. To find value look at the more niche markets such as set betting, games handicap and total aces. In particular the over 2.5 (total sets) market looks appealing at prices above EVENS (2.00+)

M Polmans vs N Moreno De Alboran FAQ

Are there any external tipsters you recommend?

We can’t vouch for each individual service but the presented results are accurate on this network. They also offer a refund if you change your mind and many trial options.

Where should I place my bets?

Generally we promote the use of exchanges to avoid bookmaker limits and restrictions once you become profitable over the long term. Some countries have geographical restrictions to consider also. If you can you should 100% have an account with this bookmaker as they welcome winners.

I have a different question regarding ATP Los Cabos or tennis betting in general?

Please contact our team via this form. Typical response time is within 12 hours.

Will Marc Polmans win despite being an underdog?

Based on our modelling he has a 40% chance of winning. If odds drift to above the 2.60 range it could offer value for a conservative stake.

Do you have any other tips for M Polmans vs N Moreno De Alboran?

The aforementioned over 2.5 (total sets) market is certainly worth a closer look. Always focus on value and only back at the correct price which we suggest is comfortably above 2.00

Will there be O/U 22.50 total games?

The over line seems appealing for Polmans vs Moreno De Alboran but again its important to back at a price above the value threshold. This is roughly 1.90 based on our calculations.