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ATP Tennis Betting Preview – Guide to the matches scheduled on 20th Feb 2024

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Looking for a comprehensive breakdown of the ATP matches occurring on Tuesday 20th Feb? Well, your in the right place. With action from ATP Rio de Janeiro and the Qatar Open there is plenty of fuel for the fire (so to speak). There are many big name players competing to including former world number one Andy Murray. In this article you can expect insight for each encounter and hints as to where the best betting opportunities may be. An archive history is available showing all previous previews published.

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ATP Rio de Janeiro Tips, Predictions & Picks

Moutet vs Baez – Baez a worthy favourite?

Moutet vs Baez prediction 20/02/2024 ATP Rio de Janeiro

Sebastian Baez has a 82.50% chance of winning this match in either two or three sets based on our internal statistical modelling .

This would suggest value (+EV) could be obtained with odds of 1.22 or above. As of publication there are multiple bookmakers and exchanges offering prices above this level.

On the flip side if wanting to back Corentin Moutet odds in excess of 6.00 would be required for an expected positive yield. Currently prices available are well below this threshold so best avoided.

Alcaraz vs Monteiro 

Carlos Alcaraz has struggled over the past 6 months to maintain his meteoritic rise to the top of men’s tennis with multiple shock losses. Tennis Tips UK’s data modelling shows fair odds for the Spaniard in this encounter would be 1.10 (90% win probability). Any price above this level would therefore yield value.

Fils vs Fonseca 

Arthur Fils should be priced at roughly 1.20 based on our data modelling. Any odds you can obtain significantly above this threshold would offer value. Fonseca would need a large price to offer value potentially above the 5.80-6.00 range. Look out for a significant odds drift if wanting to back him.

ATP Doha Tips, Predictions & Picks

Murray vs Muller

The horrific form of multiple grand slam champion Andy Murray has been well documented with many even hinting at his potential retirement. Bookmakers have priced this match as essentially a coin flip. Our insight differs slightly giving Murray slightly more credit. Value at 1.60 or above for the Scott.

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What is the best value bet for 20th Feb 2024 across all ATP tennis matches?

The highest value market is reserved for subscribers of our private newsletter. However from the matches we have publicly discussed Murray offers the best value at current bookmaker prices.