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Best Tennis Tipsters 2024: Profitable Betting Tips

As a leading resource for all things related to tennis betting – Tennis Tips UK have obsessed over finding the best methods to profit long term for many years. The secret? An ability to identify value markets and crucially combine this with disciplined bankroll management. This guide will be an introduction to educate punters looking to find a legitimate way of profiting long term through tennis betting markets.

Let’s get started and learn ‘How to Identify Profitable Tennis Tipsters’ – AKA the needle in the haystack. Which service provides the best Tennis Betting Tips for ATP & Grand Slam events? This conclusion is derived from various evaluation metrics including closing line theory and drawdown parameters. Tennis Tips UK analysts look beyond the typical ROI, strike rate and units profit to project how probable future profitability will be not just what has been achieved in the past which could have been obtained through luck alone.

Tennis Tips UK frequently gather feedback on tipster services from our thousands of subscribers. To be honest most of it focuses on the ever growing list of services to avoid but occasionally there are some that stand out for the right reasons. As always with new tipster services approach with caution and consider using conservative wagers initially to see results first hand before committing.

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Table of Contents

  1. Best Tennis Tipsters 2024: Profitable Betting Tips
      1. Free Tennis Predictions – Email Newsletter
  2. Verified Record & Tracking – Beating SP?
    1. Example of +EV Selection
  3. Odds Availability, Timing of Emails & Pricing
  4. Match Fixing & Courtsiding
  5. Bankroll Management – The Key to Benefiting from Profitable Tennis Tipsters
  6. Which Tennis Statistics Are Relevant?
    1. Head to Head (H2H)
    2. Player Form i.e Win/Loss Ratio
    3. Why can’t I just blindly follow the tipster advisory?
  7. Drawdown & Volatility
  8. External Reviews & Tipster Reputation
  9. Analysing Tennis Tipster Services
  10. Key Takeaway – Gold Standard Tennis Tipsters
  11. Focus on ATP, WTA, Challenger or ITF Events
  12. Settlement Rules – Player Injury & Retirement
  13. What makes a ‘Profitable Tennis Tipster’?
  14. What can Tennis Tips UK offer?
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Our team have an extensive review process to scrutinise services in granular detail. Factors considered include profit achieved, maximum drawdown, attainability of odds and reasoning. All this culminates into a ranking of the top tennis tipsters overall. To request a tipster review or make a recommendation please contact our team.
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Best Tennis Tipsters – How to find Tennis Tipsters that will actually deliver profit long term.

Verified Record & Tracking – Beating SP?

Look for a long term (6 months or longer) record. It’s not just a case of looking at how many bets won or lost. Focus on whether the tipster in question was able to beat what is referred to as the ‘Start Price’. This is a term mostly associated with horse racing but it applies to tennis betting also. In a nutshell, the odds/price advised by the tipster needs to be above that at sharp bookmakers and exchanges when the match begins. This is because the final odds have a significant correlation with true probability of that outcome. So beating it will mean those bets deliver profit long term over a large sample size. Accurately predicting tennis results is a challenging endeavour so always approach services claiming to have achieved this with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Example of +EV Selection

Tipster A suggests backing ‘Player A” to beat ‘Player B’ at Wimbledon. The available price at the time of advisory was 10/11 (1.91). Many hours later the players arrive on court. The odds for this selection have now shortened to just 4/6 (1.66) at Pinnacle and roughly the same across exchanges (i.e Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook). What does this mean? This was a solid selection from the tipster.

Odds history and price movement for tennis selection

Odds Availability, Timing of Emails & Pricing

There is quite a lot to cover in this section but let’s start with how obtainable the quoted prices are. Tipsters who suggest backing a price that may indeed by good value but is only available at a single bookmaker is going to be a challenge to follow as a client in the real world.

Did you know there is a tipster network that requires all services to quote odds with availability at a minimum of three different bookmakers. This was to make the results stated more realistic to obtain.

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Does the tipster send selections randomly or at a fixed time each day. This is often overlooked but crucial. The pricing of the service also has a significant impact on projected long term return on investment (ROI).

Match Fixing & Courtsiding

There are dubious tipster services that will make farfetched claims regarding their edge. Although match fixing and courtsiding does occur as Tennis Tips UK have verified with bookmakers directly and was indeed demonstrated in detail within the BBC documentary ‘Can you beat the bookies?’ – services offering these are highly likely to be scam operations. Stay well clear and focus on those offering long term verified records without the outlandish claims.

Watch live football results come in to see examples of suspicious activity exist across the full spectrum of sport. However tennis can be an especially common target due to the need to only corrupt an individual as opposed to a team.

Bankroll Management – The Key to Benefiting from Profitable Tennis Tipsters

Choosing the correct bets is only part of the puzzle. Managing your betting bank is absolutely crucial. Tennis Tips UK recommend betting a fixed percentage of total available funds. This will allow punters to scale over time and build gradually. Remember to follow the principles of responsible gambling when following tipsters. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.

Looking for more detail? Read our ultimate bankroll management guide.

Which Tennis Statistics Are Relevant?

Many novice punters focus on surface level data and facts to inform their betting. These are typically just a distraction from what really matters – the price/odds obtained and it’s relationship to the true probability of that outcome. In other words the actual chance of an outcome occurring needs to be higher than the implied probability calculated from the odds. Don’t forget to factor in the bookmaker edge. Nevertheless – let’s take a look at some frequented quotes statistics and analyse if they present any meaningful value to prospective punters.

Odds to probability calculator example with 1/1 (2.00) = 50%
Odds to probability calculator example for a player priced at evens.

Head to Head (H2H)

This can be relevant in the sense that it can show a trend of how one player has a particular style that counters the other. It’s vital to have filter criteria however – many punters put relevance on matches that happened many years in the past. Look for similarities to the scheduled match such as the same court surface, conditions and close proximity to the prior encounter.

Player Form i.e Win/Loss Ratio

Certain players have good records at specific events and on different surfaces so there can be relevance to the outcome. These factors are normally priced in to the odds already however. As a general rule focus on the latest data that is from recent matches. Don’t give too much weighting to long term attainment. For example injury concerns are far more relevant to the outcome than what happened at this the same event a decade ago.

Why can’t I just blindly follow the tipster advisory?

Understanding the factors that are relevant to profitable sports betting allows punters to weed out tipsters that don’t understand the key concept themselves. For example a tennis tipster obsessing over head to head records could be a red flag. Look for services that focus on price almost exclusively. Read our detailed review for the top tennis tipster 2023.

Drawdown & Volatility

It’s easy to focus exclusively on the good stuff (e.g profit and yield) but understanding how tipsters deal with the bad is just as important. Losses are going to happen – probably frequently. It’s part of the process and looking at results to identify how sharp these downward swings seem to be will help with bankroll management. As a general rule services with high volatility – look for deep troughs on charts – should be approached with more conservative stakes per selection.

Tipster performance chart showing accumulated profit

Tipster Chart Example: The overall trend is positive but there are significant periods of drawdown from peaks. Members without disciplined bankroll management could be wiped out during these periods. Source: ‘Rolling Aces’ via Betting Gods.

External Reviews & Tipster Reputation

First hand verification is always best but a little research prior to signing up to any service is advised. Resources such as Trustpilot, Feefo and Google Reviews are reputable places to start this process. Look for verified customers who have tried services over an extended period.

Analysing Tennis Tipster Services

Strike RateProfitROIOdds AvailabilityTime Established
Definition: The percentage of winning bets from all those advised by a tipster service. e.g 50% strike rate means 1 in 2 bets have won from the sample size recorded.Definition: Total amount of profit achieved often displayed in a monetary figure or as units. It’s important to check for a gradual accumulation of profit for stability.Definition: Return on Investment (ROI) is the profit achieved in ratio with the total staked.Definition: Are the tipsters odds quoted realistically attainable.Definition: The length of time that a tipster service has been in operation.
Relevance: Many customers like to win frequently. Clearly other statistics are more important but a low strike rate can make following challenging with extensive drawdown.Relevance: Important with flat staking over a large sample size. It illustrates what the tipster’s edge can generate in terms of real world gains I’ve time.Relevance: Profit can be manipulated with large staking but ROI is a fairer metric.Relevance: Quoting odds from a single bookmaker make it hard to actually replicate results recorded.Relevance: Over a small sample size results can be misleading. A tipster service that has delivered sustained results over many years deserves far more respect.
Looking at a diverse range of statistics can help build a complete picture of a top tennis tipster service.

Key Takeaway – Gold Standard Tennis Tipsters

A competent tennis tipster will clearly define the odds advised and the minimum price at which a selection is no longer offering value. Stating ‘I think Player A will win because Player B will be tired’ is a red flag. Look for reasoning like ‘At a price of 6/4 (2.50) Player A offers value as I have calculated they have a 51% win probability. Don’t take any odds below 1/1 (2.00)’. Not all profit is equal consider drawdown and long term consistency.
Tennis Tips UK Review Analyst

Focus on ATP, WTA, Challenger or ITF Events

A tennis tipster focusing on a specific tier of tennis often indicates they have knowledge and insight. Whilst a broader approach can work – finding value is challenging and a niche focus can be good. Remember that many bookmakers will apply account restrictions for profitable punters so if you do indeed locate a profitable tennis tipster service then look to utilise betting exchange liquidity. Read more about the differences between the tiers of tennis in our dedicated guide.

Settlement Rules – Player Injury & Retirement

It’s important to research what settlement rules the selected tennis tipster will apply. These can make a big difference to results long term and it’s important to reduce the deviation between tipster and follower results as much as possible. The most common (and in our view, fair) rule is to void all bets if the first set is not completed and to award the progressing player the match of beyond this point.

Tennis Betting Rules infographic from Tennis Tips UK - Key for identifying a profitable tennis tipster service.

Infographic Synopsis of Tennis Betting Rules – When joining a tipster service look for a clear grading rule for injuries and retirements. They happen more frequently than you may think.

What makes a ‘Profitable Tennis Tipster’?

Discipline and an approach that can identity value markets. Bankroll management is key as stated before. Both the tipster and customers should take a long term investment approach looking for gradual appreciation. Remember a good bet can lose and a bad bet can win. e.g Tennis Tipster advises backing Player A to beat Player B at odds of 2.00 – that player wins. However if the true probability of that outcome was just 30% then those selections repeated over a larger sample size will hit your bankroll hard. It’s a good idea to maximise the use of bookmaker promotions such as tennis free bets to enhance returns.

What can Tennis Tips UK offer?

Founded in 2013. That’s over a decade ago – how time flies. In that time we’ve offered tipster services ourself and vetted hundreds of individual external tipsters covering tennis specifically. Over time we have developed a unique approach. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet and interact with many exceptional bettors and many of those have now joined our community. In essence this is a small club comprising of tipsters and subscribers. Everyone gets access to all selections to follow. The tipsters with the highest attainment for a specific month receive all subscription revenue. That’s their incentive to share value bets they identify. Find out more via the button at the footer of this page.

  • Never trust a tipsters claims without third party verification
  • Always focus on value not opinions or loyalty towards players
  • There is a point at which odds offer value for every market

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