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Mochizuki vs Goffin Free Tips – Miami Open

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The Miami Open draw has just been completed and bookmakers were quick to release odds. As always this article contains a free prediction and the match of focus for the ‘Bet of the Day‘ which is a paid subscription service offering our best performing selections with verified results.

ATP Miami Prediction – 18/03/2024

Mochizuki vs Goffin (FREE)

Shintaro Mochizuki deserves respect ahead of this encounter and sharp bookmakers have given him this to an extent considering a price < 3.00 as of publication.

Projected fair odds based on Tennis Tips UK modelling prices the Japanese youngster at just 2.00-2.10 so a solid margin of value at current average prices.

Mochizuki vs Goffin free tips for Monday 18 March
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Ymer vs Nishioka (LOCKED)

The highest value market found by our analysts today is from the Miami Open qualifying rounds.

There is a clear discrepancy between the implied probability (derived from sharp bookmaker odds once limits are raised) and the true outcome probability.

That’s why this selection has been graded as the ‘Bet of the Day’ (BOTD) and is available to subscribers only.

BOTD Tennis Tips UK is locked (ATP Miami 2024 tips)
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Have Tennis Tips UK historically profited from their advised bets?

The site was founded back in 2013 and has delivered profit each year since. There have been many changes over the years but we have finally arrived at a single subscription service for our best value bets. We also publish some analysis for free like this article covering Sinner vs Alcaraz and Paul vs Medvedev. We offer a subscription service which tracks all it’s results publicly.

What is the difference between free bets and those requiring a subscription?

For most days there will be a free selection available to everyone. This offers value at the quoted price and is expected to deliver profit long term. However the market that offers the highest margin of value is graded as the ‘Bet of the Day’ (BOTD). This requires a subscription to access.

Is there a key to profiting from tennis betting?

The main ingredient to turn from a recreational punter to a successful bettor is discipline. It’s essential to adopt an investment style approach. Risk a small percentage of total bankroll per match and focus on getting bets placed/matched at a value price.

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